WATCH: Ojol Sama Ayam Viral TikTok Video Asli Surfaced On Social Media

Ojol Sama Ayam Viral TikTok Video is getting famous as a man from Indonesia who was involved in a weird explicit moment. Here, we will talk about it. Currently, social media is covered with a viral of Ojol and Chicken. Many people are searching for Ojol Sama Ayam’s viral TikTok video. As you know, many people get famous due to many reasons. Some get famous for the wrong reasons. In the past, we’ve shared much news regarding viral videos. In the same way, Ojol Sama Ayam’s videos have been making rounds on TikTok.

Ojol Sama Ayam Viral TikTok Video Asli

Ojol Sama Ayam Viral TikTok Video Asli

Currently, a man from Indonesia is making rounds following his viral video. Many people are sharing Ojol Sama Ayam videos on many social media platforms, including TikTok. In the viral video, a man wearing an ojol uniform, green and black jacket with chino pants gets involved in an explicit moment. Many have found the video offensive as the man was doing an intimate scene with a chicken. The weird video went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms when it was shared online.

Ojol Sama Ayam Video Reddit And Twitter Update

As we told earlier, a video has gone viral on many platforms, including Reddit and Twitter. When the video was uploaded, unauthorized sources made news about it and they also linked fake videos. On TikTok, the original video can be found, where the clips have gained millions of views. Viral videos about a man and a chicken have been widely shared on Twitter too. A TikTok account has been created under the username @chmcitiy and has collected over 30 followers now.

Ojol Sama Ayam Viral TikTok Video Asli

On TikTok, What Is Ojol Sama Ayam?

The above phrase is getting viral on TikTok, and one of the videos shared regarding this topic has already crossed over 5 million views. The identity of the man in the video has not been revealed yet. An unknown person created the TikTok account to get followers and gain popularity and views on the viral videos. On youtube, the video of Chicken and Man having intimate moments has also been shared by many channels. Despite the cruel act, the Police department and the officials have not taken any action in the case yet. As the news is on air and making headlines, the officials may take strict action soon.

Ojol Sama Ayam Viral TikTok Video Asli

We tried our best to give you the information regarding the matter.

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