OG Nova Death News Is True? Why Is The Video Trending On Tiktok

TikToker OG Nova is said to be dead. The news is becoming viral. Fans want to know the truth. We will try to provide you with as many details as we have. The Tik Toker had a social media following of 15.1 K. He did not share any other social media account. The news of his death is spreading over all social media handles.

OG Nova

Why OG Nova Death Video Is Spreading All Over The Social Media?

Nova posted a video on his TikTok mentioning that Nova has died. The video is uploaded by his brother. The video got viral and crossed 5 million views.

Later, everyone came to know that Nova did it just for fun. It seems like it was just a trick to promote himself. He gained a lot of attention from the viewers.

He mentioned in his TikTok video, Bye Buddy, Fly High. It was surprising that many people believed it. He was not known by many people. Now, he is recognized by 10 times his early fan following.

The rumor of his brother posting the video was false. This was assumed by his fans that his brother is posting on his behalf.

In the comments section also, many people mentioned it to be fake. While others mentioned RIP.

The video is still not claimed to be fake. Nova is yet to say about the video. This was fake news, and we hope he accepts the fact soon. Many people are using his video to gain popularity.

OG Nova

More Details About OG Nova:

OG Nova is a TikToker with fifteen thousand followers. He made the video with the reel name OG Nova.

He is a very private person. We don’t know about his real name, place, or even any other social media handle.

He posts gaming clips on TikTok. His content is not posted daily. Sources say that TikTok banned him from TikTok Live. The reason behind this is not yet cleared.

OG Nova

He use to organize gaming contests and came live for his fans. People want him to use other social media handles. Fans demand him for a YouTube channel too.

His most following consist of male members. He plays games with his fans. Many guess his age as a teenager. He has not revealed anything about him yet.

Fans are waiting for his next post. They want to confirm him to be alive. Let us hope for the best.

Stay tuned for more such updates. We keep bringing the information you need.

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