Obituary: What happened to John Kratz? 64-years-old man Sandown resident passed away

We are sharing one more piece of death news which is the result of the murder. The victim of this murder is identified as John Kratz whose obituary became a reason for the interest of the people. There are multiple websites which are covering this news and showing that how much it is necessary to make more and more strict rules. This news has stunned and shocked the community and they are sad with the thought of the passing of John Kratz. He was the beloved resident of Sandown who took his last breath at the Lobster Claw II on Main Street.

John Kratz

How did John Kratz die?

This case makes people furious and they want justice for him. There are many people who want to know about the suspect and what is the motive for the killing. According to the reports, the deceased was 64 years old when he took his last breath. His family, friends, and neighborhood are in great shock and quite traumatize after learning this murder news. He was fatally shot at the Lobster Claw II on Main Street. The reports state that this murder occurred at around 6:00 PM. Police receives the call of the incident and they instantly appeared at the crime scene where they find the lifeless body of the victim covered in a pool of blood.

John Kratz

The police instantly admitted him into the hospital where the doctor declared him dead. Police informed his family about the incident and instantly appeared at the hospital in order to collect the dead body. His family is in deep pain with this murder and they are still not believing that he is no more between them. People are worried for their safety and ask the police to take strict action against this crime and they want to know the details of the suspect. According to the reports, the nephew of the victim is arrested in this case and police found out that his nephew is found guilty of murder.

John Kratz

This news is getting tough for the neighbors of the victim as still not believing that the nephew of the victim is the killer. Police have not shared the details of the nephew and they are currently investigating the matter. There are other people who want to know the details of the personal life of the deceased but as expected details are not available. An autopsy has been performed on the victim by Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Mitchell Weinberg which revealed that he died because of this traumatic injury. Not many details are out which can inform us what happened between the victim and suspect which became the reason for the crime.

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