Nur Anisah Balqis Dibunuh: Pregnant girl victim of murder burning, buried with empty womb without fetus

A heinous crime of stabbing a pregnant woman just came to know. According to the reports, a woman who was reportedly four-month pregnant was stabbed and burned. The hearts of the people have been wrenched after listening to the murder of a four-month pregnant woman. The latest update on this case is that the suspect has been arrested and charged while the victim has been buried safely. The corpse of the four-month-pregnant lady was buried last night at around 8 pm at the Kampung Baru Nelayan Islamic Cemetery located in Sungai Besar. As per the sources, thousands of people including family members, neighbors, relatives, friends, and people from nearby areas attended the burial at the cemetery to pay their final respect to the late woman. Do know what was her age when she died? Know this information and more in the below-given sections. Scroll down.

Nur Anisah Balqis Dibunuh

Nur Anisah Balqis Dibunuh

Reportedly, the victim who was stabbed to death and burned last Monday was just 21 years of age. The horrible killing of the 21-year-old woman left all people of Malaysia devastated, though people who even did not know her, came to pay their respect to her at the Kampung Baru Nelayan Islamic Cemetery. A friend of the victim described him as a cheerful, kind-hearted, and friendly person. A video of his friend is going viral on social media. But people have been disappointed after knowing that the deceased was buried without a fetus. Yes, you heard it right. Know more in the next section.


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Her womb was empty when she was buried as the baby was not found which shows the cruelty of her lover. The autopsy reports show the deceased died because of the stabbing injury. Furthermore, the autopsy also revealed that bruises were on the burnt chest. The brother of the victim was contacted to comment on the incident but he refused to comment on it until the investigation is completed. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The eldest brother of the victim is 27 years of age and he is hoping that the culprit will receive the appropriate retribution from the court. The victim was a waiter at a restaurant. The suspect beat and stabbed her besides buying petrol and setting her on fire. According to the investigation, before the killing, the victim was taken in the car and burned at the scene at around 10 pm on Monday night. The suspect has been arrested and he is expected to face the death penalty. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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