No charging system… and this municipal corporation bought 25 electric vehicles for Rs 80 crore

Agree that there is a craze for electric cars these days. But a municipal corporation has purchased 25 electric garbage trucks in the city, which are not functioning at all, without providing for charging the electric vehicles. Read this news…

A municipal corporation has purchased 25 electric garbage vans at a cost of Rs.80 crore

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These days electric car craze is seen not only in India but all over the world. Global sales of electric vehicles are on the rise. Tesla, Rivian, Neo And expeng Like brands where they are becoming famous on a global level. And in India too bye And Mahindra Electric cars are making their mark, while the market for electric 2-wheelers is gaining momentum.

Meanwhile, the government is also pushing to buy electric vehicles, from buses to garbage trucks. But for this it is also necessary to arrange charging stations or battery swapping stations. But Britain’s municipal corporation York City Council has bought 25 electric garbage vans at a cost of Rs 80 crore, even though the city has no charging system. These vehicles were bought to replace diesel trucks, but are still standing idle due to lack of charging facilities.

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According to Metro News, a councilor has claimed that the civic chief has kept the matter a secret regarding the purchase of electric trucks. People are not even told that electric garbage carts have been purchased, when there are not enough power points to charge them.

Independent councilor Mark Worters said ordinary people’s tax money was being wasted due to mismanagement.

The electric truck is not working

Mark Worters said these vehicles have not yet been used. The council is behind schedule in installing the charging infrastructure, but vehicles have already been purchased and are now not accepting them.

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However, Metro News says the city council has admitted they are behind schedule on building the charging station. But the vehicles are bought in advance to avoid incurring the loss of rising costs later due to inflation.


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