Fact check: Is Nkunzi Leaving Uzalo 2023? Is Nkunzi Going To Die?

Recently, speculations arise about Nkunzi leaving Uzalo in 2023. Currently, viewers are suspecting his demise in demise. You are required to read the entire article for detailed information regarding the news. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News. Currently, Uzalo viewers are curious to know about the fact about Nkunzi’s departure from the show. Here’s everything you must know further. Knowingly, Nkunzi Mhlongo is a character in a hit South African soap opera named Uzalo, played by famous South African actor, poet, and musician Masoja Msiza. The hit soap opera is produced by Stained Glass Productions which is co-owned by Gugu Zuma-Ncube and Kobedi Pepsi Pokane. It was aired in 2015, back then, which immediately evolved into a hit due to its narrative, writing, direction, and arrangements of the unknown cast.

Nkunzi Leaving Uzalo

Is Nkunzi Leaving Uzalo 2023?

The full name of Nkunzi is Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo. Nkunzi is the ex-husband of Innocentia, MaMlambo, and Mazaza. After these 3, he married Lindiwe. Later, Nkunzi began a relationship with Gabislie and married her. There are rumors circulating on the internet saying that Nkunzi is leaving Uzalo in 2023. However, the show has not revealed any statement regarding this issue. Additionally, the actor himself has not said anything about this topic. So, it cannot be confirmed whether Zkunzi is leaving the show. Meanwhile, many videos have been released regarding the leaving of Nkunzi from Uzalo. Also, this is not the first time, he has been rumored to leave the show. Previously, people were saying that he may exit from the show.

Nkunzi Leaving Uzalo

Currently, people are making more assumptions claiming that he may die with the rumors of Nkunzi’s departure from Uzalo coming into the media. Although, at the moment nothing is confirmed. Moreover, Nosipho, played by Nompilo has a different outlook when Hlelowenkosi tells him not to give up on his dreams. Additionally, Shlobos are out of options for getting rid of Mrs. Ngema and Mrs. Nhlapo. In the following episode of Uzalo, a curse was given to Nkunzi where Prince discourages Sipho. The Shobos are supported against the corner. Due to that, viewers are saying that Nkunzi may die, but everyone should patiently wait for the next episode, which will obviously showcase everything.

Nkunzi Leaving Uzalo

As mentioned above, Nkunzi is rumored to be dead, but there is no truth about it. Previously, the death news of the actor who played the role of Nkuzni circulated on the internet like wildfire. In 2020, social media posts started going viral, which reported that Msoja Msiza had died in a car accident. The news came as a shockwave to the world. Later, everyone was relieved as the actor himself talked about the matter. Msiza took to Twitter to reassure fans that he was still alive. He also hinted that his haters shared his death hoax.

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