WATCH: Nitavior viral video trending on twitter sparks outrage online

A wave of condemnation has been triggered by the viral video of Nitavior. Netizens have been expressing their disapproval and objection to the content of the video. In fact, innumerable people have raised their voices to show concerns about the erosion of moral values and its bad impact on culture and society. Ever since the Nitavior viral video surfaced on the internet it has been doing great business on Twitter where lots of hashtags are being used by the users. But a stir also has occurred duo the controversial video of Nitavior. Do you know who is Nitavior? In this article, we will explore all the imperative detail about Nitavior and her viral video. Drag down the page and read more details.


Nitavior viral video

Hashtags related to the Nitavior viral video have been trending and captivating the attention of the audience. However, netizens have started heated debates and conveying their opinion about the unacceptable content filmed by Nitavior. We should talk about who is Nitavior before talking about her viral video. There are some people who have watched the viral video of Nitavior but they do not know who is she. Kindly take a look at the next section and read who is she.


Nitavior’s real name is Viorenita Sutanto also known as Onic Vior. She is a social media influencer from Indonesia. Nitavior has gained thousands of followers on every social networking site including Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more. More about her, Onic Vior is the brand ambassador of Onic Esports. Being a Youtube content creator, she has over 572K subscribers. Her Youtube channel’s bio says she joined Youtube on Jul 12, 2021. But she is majorly popular on Instagram and TikTok where she has millions of fans. On Instagram, Indonesian girl Nitavior has garnered over 1.3 million followers. Read down the next section and learn what is in her viral video.

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Being a famous social media influencer, Nitavior has a significant fan following on the internet. But suddenly her followers and fans were rocked by her private video in which she can be seen doing indecent acts. This is why the video has been going viral and making headlines. Now the video has become a controversial matter. However, the influencer has not responded to her viral video yet. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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