Newton murders: Elderly couple found dead from apparent stab wounds

Today, We will share some horrifying and startling news with you in this post. Every social media site is presently buzzing with this news. Three people have been found dead. This is the case of Newton Massachusetts homicide. People have been greatly shocked by this news. The internet has currently been completely destroyed by this case. Police are looking into this matter right now. Netizens are now highly interested in learning more about this entire scenario.

Newton murders

Elderly couple found dead from apparent stab wounds

People are interested in learning about every single aspect of this case. Three deaths have sparked interest in who died. Is this a murder? Therefore, we are here to discuss with you every aspect of this case. Our staff has worked really hard, done extensive research, and accumulated a ton of data on this issue. In order to avoid missing any verses of this essay, please read it all the way through. If you want to be fully informed about every aspect of this case. So join us as we explore this article to learn everything there is to know about this terrible incident.

On 25th June 2023, Sunday, three elder people were found dead inside a house in Newton Massachusetts. Law enforcement is currently investigating the crime. They are checking all the CCTV camera footage. They are searching for the suspect who has killed those three people. The three victims have been identified as a 70 years old couple and the mother of the woman who was 90 years old approx. According to law enforcement, they have found evidence. The evidence is big proof that there was a forced entry of someone into the house.

Law Enforcement has requested the residents of Newton to look at their home security systems and doorbell cameras to find some evidence from which they can get some clue about the suspect. Police haven’t arrested anybody regarding this case. According to the source, this incident happened on 25th June 2023, Sunday at around 10:00 am. An unknown guy who knew the victims, that guy called the police officers after 10 am. Police found that the three victims were fatally stabbed. Police have given a statement in which they have said, that they have discovered an unwanted attempted break nearly a half mile away from the crime place. They are searching for whether these incidents are linked to each other or not. Soon, further details concerning this case will become public. Stay tuned to PKB News until then.

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