Nakshatra Father Srimahesh Arrested, Charged For Daughter Murder

Recently the public is going through the internet to know about the Nakshatra murder case. She is going viral over the internet as she was brutally murdered. The public is in shock when they get to know about it. They all started to go over the internet to know more about her and not just about her they all are also going through the internet to know about her murder case. In this article, we are going to give the details about her, and not only that we are also going to give the details about her murder case. keep reading through the article to know more.

Nakshatra Father Srimahesh Arrested

Nakshatra Father Srimahesh Arrested

Following the terrible murder of the 6-year-old Indian girl Nakshatra by her own father, Srimahesh, her name has become a topic of conversation in the city in recent days. In Mavelikara, the girl’s father hacked her to death. Everyone is in disbelief after hearing this news, and the father who killed his own child is receiving criticism. Furthermore, the sad tragedy took place on Wednesday night. People are interested in learning more about the case, which is detailed here, even though the alleged killer has already been taken into custody.

Nakshatra Father Srimahesh Arrested

The Father of Nakshatra, Srimahesh, has already been detained and is accused of murdering his daughter. On Wednesday at around 7:30 p.m., Srimahesh killed his daughter. Sunanda, Srimahesh’s mother, was also charged when she arrived after hearing the disturbance. Srimahesh then attempted to attack other people who had fled. Numerous rumors about the murderer have been circulated online after Srimahesh was already detained by the police. It was claimed that the alleged murderer had depression. Likewise, it was thought that he might have been drunk at the time the incident took place. On Wednesday night, Punnamoot Anakuttil Srimahesh killed his daughter with an axe. Everyone is now concerned and wonders why he killed his daughter in light of this.

Nakshatra Father Srimahesh Arrested

The defendant was unhappy that his second marriage had been declared null and void, the police claim. So perhaps that is what motivated her to kill her child. However, some Twitter users have also suggested that Srimahesh may be depressed and under the influence of alcohol. Vidhya, Nakshtra’s mother, allegedly committed suicide three years prior to her death, and the youngster incessantly insisted on traveling to Pathiyoor to see Mahesh’s mother’s parents. Since the matter is still being investigated at the time of writing, the police department has not provided a concrete motive.

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