Murder: What Happened To Amanda Carroll? Boyfriend Vile Sean Nolan Life in Prison Sentence

As it looks like the Amanda Carroll murder case still has been a hot topic for the public. They still looking for new updates regarding the case. It’s been many years since this incident happen and but this murder case still has been in the limelight. In this article, as per the reader’s demand, we are going to give all the details about the case, as well as any new updates if there are any. Keep reading to know more about the Amanda Carroll murder case.

Amanda Carroll

What Happened To Amanda Carroll?

The identity of Amanda Carroll, a mother of two, initially gained attention in the media after her death on October 21, 2018. Her boyfriend, the vile Sean Nolan, cruelly killed the mother of her two children. Her son found her body in the bedroom of her apartment. The alleged murderer had entered a plea of guilty to manslaughter at his partner’s flat but not to murder. After a trial, Nolan was found guilty of killing Amanda by a majority of the jury. As a result of Nolan’s appeal against his murder conviction, the murder case has also gained new attention.

Amanda Carroll

The murder of Amanda Carroll happened on October 21, 2018. Her son Denis Carroll, who had left the House that morning to go play football and was unaware that his mother had passed away, found her body in the bedroom of her flat. Denis disclosed to defense attorney Shane Costelloe SC that his mother had a committed relationship with a different man up to May 2018. But shortly after, she started dating the accused Nolan. Additionally, Costelloe was informed by Amanda’s son that he recalled an incident in which his mother and the defendant got into a fight over her ex-boyfriend, Carroll’s youngest child. Denis claimed he intervened between his mother and the defendant because he wanted to stand up for her at the time.

Amanda Carroll

Denis stated that he visited House two weeks prior to his mother’s passing and saw both his mother and the suspect intoxicated but otherwise healthy. Vile Sean Nolan, Amanda Carroll’s boyfriend, was given a life term in jail to be served in November 2020 for the murder. After some family members became upset during the victim impact statements and yelled abuse at Nolan, the court was briefly adjourned. According to reports, Carroll and Nolan were both strong drinkers who had volatile attitudes toward drinking. On the day she was killed, the two of them had started an early-morning binge drinking session. Both Carroll and Nolan were detained after Nolan operated his car while intoxicated—Carroll for a public order infraction, and Nolan for drink-driving.

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