Murder Upper West Side: Family of 4 found dead in Upper West Side apartment

This is to inform you that a murders-suicide incident took place in Texas where The Upper West Side father allegedly killed his wife and children. Since this news broke out it has been causing a stir and leaving people horrified. Many are also curious to know why The Upper West Side father killed his lover and children. Police believe that the man turned the knife on himself after killing his family. The neighbors of the victim’s family are in disbelief after this incident. Nobody had any idea that the whole family would be ended in this way. If you are scrambling to the internet regarding the same, this article is for you. Keep reading this article for more details. Swipe down the page.

Murder Upper West Side

Murder Upper West Side

The Upper West Side father allegedly killed his longtime lover and their two sons. Their cause of death has been identified as fatal stabbing wounds. The man brutally stabbed them to death before committing suicide by turning the knife on himself. Therefore, people who knew the family have been left extremely disturbed and distressed leading them to ask why the father took the lives of the whole family and committed suicide. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Murder Upper West Side

The police believe that The Upper West Side man had been stressed about an upcoming move to the suburbs in the days. Therefore, he might kill his longtime love and their children. Among the victims were 40-year-old Alexandra Witek, 3-year-old Lucian, and 1-year-old Calvin. The man who allegedly killed his family before taking his own life was identified as Edison Lopez, 41 years old. They were found dead in a home located at West 86th Street. A neighbor of Edison Lopez named Jeff Kimmel who is currently 22 years old said there were zero, absolutely zero signs. Lopez worked as a super after taking over from his own father. Read more details in the following section.

Murder Upper West Side

Jeff Kimmel further described Lopez as, “I saw him evolve as an adult and as a man.” Another neighbor of Lopez said, “Everybody thought they were a great family. They were very much a part of the community in the building.” As of yet, the police have not determined the motive for the murder-suicide. But neighbors have said that Lopex was anxious over a new job in Westchester Country and that the apartment he wanted in Hastings-on-Hudson wouldn’t be ready by September 1. Stay tuned.

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