Mugshot: Is Diana Lovejoy Dead Or Alive? Jailed After Killing Husband Gregory Mulvihill

There are many social media users who are searching for the details of the murder of Gregory Mulvihill. The suspect is already identified and currently living behind the bars but now the rumors of her passing news are making around and people want to know whether this news is true or not. As well as there are many people who want to know why she killed her own husband. The mugshot of Diana Lovejoy was taken after she was detained for her engagement in the killing plot of her estranged spouse, Gregory Mulvihill. She was engaged in the killing plot that shook the entire community of San Diego.

Diana Lovejoy

Is Diana Lovejoy Dead Or Alive?

In the year 2016, Lovejoy and Weldon McDavid Jr. (her gun instructor) plotted to assassinate her estranged spouse. The planned repercussions of the demise of Mulvihill and the eventual imprisonment of both McDavid Jr. and Lovejoy. The involvement of Lovejoy in the killing plot has left several in the community wondering what could have driven a mother in order to conspire to assassinate her estranged spouse. The tale of Diana Lovejoy and the assassination of her estranged spouse, Gregory is quite tragic. Through this blog, we are trying to grab or share all the details which we know about this murder plot.

Diana Lovejoy

As we mentioned above, the mugshot of Diana Lovejoy was taken after she detains for her participation in the murder plan of her spouse. As of the present knowledge cutoff date, Diana Lovejoy is not dead and all the rumors of her passing is debunked. She is alive and currently serving her sentence in the state prison of California. The accused was sentenced of 1-st degree killing, conspiracy to commit the killing, and assault with a deadly weapon in the year 2016 and was convicted to life in jail sans having any parole. In the spite of the severity of the crimes, both McDavid Jr and Lovejoy maintained their innocence throughout their trial.

Diana Lovejoy

Apart from it, Lovejoy asserted that she was wrongly framed for the killing and she had not any kind of engagement in the murder plot of her husband. Though the proof presented at trial shared a different story, and the judge’s jury ultimately discovered both McDavid and Lovejoy guilty. She was prisoned for a lifetime in prison sans getting parole after being sentenced to 1st-degree murder, attack with a dangerous and deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit the killing. The killing of Gregory Mulvihill was a gruesome and quite shocking event that shocked several in the community of San Diego.

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