Mugshot: Cesar Olalde Texarkana Murder Accusations and Arrest Charges: East Texas teen accused of killing family

It is quite shocking to see how people are easily killing other people. Despite knowing that it is a sin to take the life of someone but still, people are doing so. We are not saying that everyone is doing this but most of the people are killing another person in their aggression. The anger issue has increased among people and that is why they easily took the life of someone. There is one such murder case which pulled our attention and force us to find out the matter and that is why we came here to talk about it and find out the murderer and the motive of his crime.

Cesar Olalde

Cesar Olalde Texarkana Murder Accusations and Arrest Charges

On Twitter, a name is trending due to the murder case and that is Cesar Olalde Texarkana. The murder acts have stunned the neighborhood and left a trail of devastation and heartache. The reports state that Olade committed a series of spine-chilling assassinations that issued unbelievable agony and despair that left a permanent stain on all touched by immeasurable evil. What is the shocking part of this case is that the murderer has killed his own family members and claims that he committed this crime because his family members were cannibals and were going to eat him.

Cesar Olalde

He states that he killed them in his defense. The report states that this murder occurred in East Texas on Tuesday, 23rd May 2023. The police have issued the probable cause report of this case. The murderer is identified as 18-year-old, Cesar Olalde, and he is accused of assassinating 4 individuals: his parents, sister, and brother. One of the sufferers identified as Aida Garcia-Mendoza was shot “repeatedly” as per mentioned in the reports. The other sufferers have been recognized as Oliver Olalde, Reuben Olalde, and Lisbet Olalde. All 4 individuals were shot dead. The age of the youngest victim was 10.

Cesar Olalde

As we mentioned above, the incident occurred on 23rd May 2023 in the 500 block of Lemon Acres in Nash, Texas. The police get the call to the house, and when they appeared at the crime scene, a 35-year-old man who was identified as Joseph Flieder ran from the home and allegedly informed officers that the accused was inside the house and hold told him that he had assassinated the rest of his family members. The police held the accused in custody and interrogated the matter. The homicide investigators are on-scene and were informed by neighbors and pals that Cesar resides at the house with his father, adult sister, mother, and younger brother. The police recovered the dead bodies from the bathroom. Now the accused was taken to the Bi-State Jail and booked for capital murder. The bond Cesar was set at $10,000,000.

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