MTV Roadies Season 19 Elimination Today 9 September 2023, Eliminated Contestants This Week, Vote Out 2023

A popular programme has returned for a 19th season. Roadies Karm Ya Kand 19 is the topic at hand. In contrast to other reality shows, this one is unique. Although this is a reality show as well, there are several differences from other programmes. This amazing programme has developed a sizable fan base among viewers. Banijay Asia is the producer of MTV Roadies. Sonu Sood serves as the host of the programme, which debuted on MTV India on June 3 of that year. It has a sizable fan base among people. We’ll make an effort to go over every aspect of the show. Continue with the article.

MTV Roadies

MTV Roadies 2023 Elimination Today

As far as we know, all of the gang leaders are well-known in their professions and successful in the show. On April 13, 2023, auditions for MTV Roadies Karm Ya Kaand were held in Chandigarh. To enter an auction, the competitors needed at least two votes from the gang leaders. There are still a few things I want to tell you about the news, which you may read about in the article’s following section. The concert is going to be incredibly intriguing and entertaining, according to the promotional videos. Each contender has a distinct style, and they all contribute greatly to the show. Nikhil J. Alva is the author of the Roadies format.


Digvijay2700 coinsELIMINATED
Leeza BasumataryELIMINATED
Hasan1000 coinsELIMINATED
Rupa1700 coinsELIMINATED
Mallika Motiramani (Bonus Episode)700 coinsELIMINATED
Nejm300 coinsELIMINATED
Prakram Dandona3400 coinsPARTICIPATING
Piyu Sharma2500 coinsPARTICIPATING
Rajveer1600 coinsPARTICIPATING
Pallavi Yadav300 coinsPARTICIPATING
Himanshu2000 coinsPARTICIPATING

Because contestants perform their duties in diverse locales, the format of the show is incredibly popular. This is the best aspect of the programme, which is attracting a sizable audience. If you regularly watch the programme, you will be familiar with all aspects of it. The new season of Roadies: Karm Ya Kand is back, and for the young people of India, it’s more than simply a television programme. Rhea Chakraborty, Gautam Gulati, Prince Narula, and Ashneer Grover, the well-known creators of BharatPe, are the gang leaders in Karm Ka Kaand: Roadies 2023.


Shubham Chaudhary400 coinsELIMINATED
Nayera Ahuja1000 coinsELIMINATED
Bhoomika Vasishth1100 coinsPARTICIPATING
Shayan Siddiqui1500 coinsPARTICIPATING
Rishabh 300 coinsPARTICIPATING
Abhirup Kadam1200 coinsPARTICIPATING
Tanu Rawat1100 coinsPARTICIPATING
Sachin Sharma2000 coinsPARTICIPATING

At several stages, contestants return as wildcard entries, making the entire story exciting and engaging. The status of the Roadies 2023 Contestants’ elimination will be detailed here. Contestant, Priyanka Gupta was chosen on June 4th, 2023, when Sonu chose her to utilise Sonu Ka Ashtra/Sonushtra. Neerja Punia, a contender, was chosen on June 10th, 2023, after giving her poignant account of enduring adversities while transitioning from a male to a transwoman. Shubham and Pery arrived at the Roadies on June 11th, 2023, carrying 400 and 900 Roadium coins, respectively. With 2000, 1700, and 300 Roadium coins respectively, Sachin Yogesh and Nejm take their positions.


Pery Sheetal900 coinsELIMINATED
Priyanka Choudhary500 coinsELIMINATED
Lekha Jambaulikar2000 coinsELIMINATED
Gary Lu2500 coinsELIMINATED
Priyanka Gupta200 coinsPARTICIPATING
Siwet Tomar4000 coinsPARTICIPATING
Joginder1500 coinsPARTICIPATING
Vashu Jain2100 coinsPARTICIPATING
Prem Shilu200 coinsPARTICIPATING
Ashika Surve2000 coinsPARTICIPATING

On June 17, 2023, Vasu wins Rhea’s highest bid for 4100 Roadium coins, but he still uses the Kaand button to select the gang’s leader, Prince. By joining Rhea’s team, Abhirup and Nayera are able to participate in Roadies as well. On June 18, 2023, Ashika wins Rhea’s highest bid for 2800 Roadium coins, but she continues to use the Kaand button to select the gang’s leader, Prince. Tanu Rawat and Rajveer arrive at the Roadies on June 24, 2023, carrying 1100 and 1600 Roadium coins, respectively. Shuly and Heman received the highest bid from Rhea for 4000 and 3800 Roadium coins on June 25, 2023.

On July 1, 2023, Rhea placed the highest offer in the competition for Rishabh with 5000 Roadium coins, and Gautam chose Bhavish with 1700 Roadiums. Himanshu placed the highest bet of the day on July 2, 2023, with 2000 Roadium coins, and he joins Rupa, who placed the second-highest bid with 1700 coins, in Gautam’s squad. Digvijay was the sole contender selected on July 8th, 2023, out of every contestant in the entire programme, with Gautam placing a 2700 bid on him. Pallavi joined Gautam’s squad on July 9, 2023, while Gary joined Prince’s team. After failing in the Bhai Bhai Ki Pisai Task on July 15, 2023, Mallika, Manpreet, Pery, Hasan, Shubham, and Lekha were eliminated.

Pallavi had the most votes on July 16, 2023, however, she was able to stay in the competition since she won Sonu Sood’s Karm Task. Team Gautam won the job on July 22, 2023, earning immunity for five candidates and 2000 roadies, while Team Prince placed second and received the same number of roadies. Rupa and Nejm (from Gang Gautam) were eliminated by voting on July 23, 2023. Team Prince won the job and received 3000 Roadiums on July 29, 2023, while Team Rhea and Team Gautam received 2000 and 1000 Roadiums, respectively. Team Rhea won the mission and received 5 immunisations on July 30, 2023. Gary Lu from Prince Narula’s team was eliminated on August 5th, 2023.

Wildcards Akriti Nagi joins Rhea’s team on August 6th, 2023. Team Rhea won six immunisations on August 12th, Team Gautam won five, and Team Prince won two. Priyanka Choudhary, Leeza, Nyyra Ahuja, and Naveen Kumar were ousted on August 13, 2023, as a result of the popular vote. There will be no elimination on August 19, 2023. There will be no elimination on August 20, 2023. Vashu is evicted on August 26th, 2023, but Priyanka manages to save him by giving up her immunity for two weeks. The assignment was won by Team Prince on August 27, 2023. There will be NO ELIMINATION today, September 2, 2023. Digvijay (Team Gautam) and Neerja (Team Rhea) were eliminated on September 3rd after receiving no votes.

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