Fact check: Did MrBeast Get Arrested for “Tax Evasion”?

At present, Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson is the biggest YouTuber in the world. Boasting an incredible 154 million subscribers on his prominent channel. Mr. Beast is always in the headlines for several topics. While he often makes highlights for his generous giveaways, recently something took on a toll on him, so you are required to read the article and follow us around for all the insights. Continue reading for more insights.

MrBeast arrested by YouTuber Airrack

Mr. Beast Arrested for Tax Evasion

The multiple clips of popular YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson apparently getting arrested by the police have been flooding social media after fellow content creator Eric ‘Airrack’ released a video claiming to have gotten Jimmy arrested. With an abundance of clips on the internet showcasing the YouTuber getting detained by the police and subsequently being placed in custody, many might be led to believe that it was an actual arrest. Continue reading for more details.

MrBeast arrested by YouTuber Airrack

However, it has been revealed that the entire incident was pre-planned by Eric in collaboration with the officials, who agreed to essentially prank MrBeast by arresting him in his hometown of Greenville in South Carolina. Airrack even took to social media to brag about the success of the prank, posting a clip of the content creator of the year being escorted to a police vehicle. Here’s why MrBeast was arrested by the police. Continue reading for learning the same.

MrBeast arrested by YouTuber Airrack

Eric and Jimmy have been long-time friends, having interacted multiple times throughout their careers as popular YouTube content creators. The former was even the host of the last year’s Streamy Awards where the latter won his third consecutive Content Creator of the Year honor. After becoming the most subscribed content creator on the platform, MerBeast is arguably one of the most popular online personalities in recent times, with his videos instantly going viral on the internet. Naturally, along with the fame comes certain haters who love to troll him on the internet. However, Airrack’s prank on him appears to have been an act of revenge.


At the start of the video, he explained that his fellow YouTuber had started the prank wars last year. Jimmy initiated the pranks by convincing one of the Airrack’s close friends and team members to call him and falsely claim that they were switching teams. Eric admitted that he momentarily believed the prank and devised the plan to get back to MrBeast. To that end, Airrack intended to have the popular YouTuber get arrested in New York City, but after Elon Musk called off a meeting, the whole prank had to be shifted to Greenville. He even got the local police department to sign an official contract, thereby enlisting the help of two actual police officers who would make the arrest as he sat back to watch the situation unfold.

Mr. Beast

MrBeast is known for his charitable work, but some of his recent acts have drawn hatred from online personalities who have used his videos of “curing blindness” to critique societal problems and inequality. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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