Montgomery High School Stabbing Video Family identifies 16-year-old

Videos have become the most trending thing on social media. Thousands of videos are uploaded online on daily basis and only some of them remained in the news the simple formula to being in the news is the content of the video. Mostly videos show explicit things that are enough to gather attention but sometimes the videos has captured horrifying scene which later on is used as evidence in order to provide justice to the victim. One such stabbing video is recently posted online which shows the horrifying scene that happened at Montogomery High School which is enough to scare anyone.

Montgomery High School Stabbing

Montgomery High School Stabbing

The video has gone viral and the graphics are quite horrible to watch due to that it has been removed from a few social media platforms. This crime has happened in the United States and shows that the crime rate in this country is increasing which is now getting on the nerves of law enforcement. It is not like the police have not been working on such cases to stop them but it is not possible to stop it as no one is born a criminal and the circumstances make them criminal. That is why this thing is not in the hands of the police to stop only people need to understand it.

Montgomery High School Stabbing

Speaking about the recent incidents that happened in the US were Montgomery Blair High School and Montgomery High School showing the violent attacks. Both schools are located in California and now through this blog, we will talk about the details of the incidents and what happened after that. As per the reports, the stabbing incident with a student happened on 19th May 2022 in Montgomery High School. This school was located in Santa Rosa, California. As per the media, the fight happened in the classroom and the sufferer has admitted to the local hospital with non-life-menacing wounds.

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Montgomery High School Stabbing

The suspect run away from the crime scene but after some days police detained him. This horrifying incident had recorded and later on, the Santa Rosa Police Department shared the video online which automatically went viral on social media and accumulated a lot of attention. In the viral video, 2 students were seen engaged in a physical fight in the classroom prior to one of them taking out the sharp object which was identified as a knife. The student stabbed the other student and run away from the scene but after some days police detained him. After a few months again such an incident happened on 8th November 2021 in Montgomery Blair High School which was also recorded in the video.

Montgomery High School Stabbing Montgomery High School Stabbing

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