What Happened To Monica Odagiu? Actress involved in serious accident

Shock waves are coming from the Capital where a renowned actress was involved in a fatal accident. Though, the victim was not the actress but was the driver who fatally injured a person in the Capital. Isn’t it shocking? Who is the actress? Here we are talking about Teambuilding fame actress Monica Odagiu. The ongoing rumors about Monica Odagiu’s accident are true, she was involved in an accident in which a pedestrian lost his life. What actually happened and what were the circumstances surrounding the accident? Needless to say, ample questions are swiveling among people regarding Monica Odagiu’s accident. Thus, we followed numerous reports to gather all the imperative information about this headline. In the following sections of this article, you will get to learn all the imperative aspects. Be sticky and keep reading this article for more details. Scroll down the page.

Monica Odagiu accident

Monica Odagiu accident

As per recent reports, actress Monica Odagiu fatally struck a man in the center of the Capital. In fact, the victim was a pedestrian who was crossing irregularly which led to the fatal collision of Monica Odagiu’s car and his. According to the reports, the actress claimed that the pedestrian would have jumped in front of her car thus she had no chance to avoid him. Actress Monica Odagiu also gave a statement after the horrific crash. Take a look below and read it.

Monica Odagiu accident

Actress Monica Odagiu gave a statement after fatally crashing a person in the Capital, “I am dramatized, I can’t get those terrible moments out of my mind.” Talking about the circumstances surrounding Monica Odagiu’s accident, it has been reported that actress Monica Odagiu was driving the car from Calea Victoriei and heading to Stirbei Voda and the accident took place right at the STB Luterana station. Many people witnessed the road mishap. Scroll down the page and read what eyewitnesses said.

Monica Odagiu accident

An observer named Cosmina Balint said the pedestrian was hit by a car in the Center of the Capital in front of the STB station. Due to the impact of the collision, the pedestrian was thrown a few meters away. Sadly, the victim was declared dead at the scene. While the actress explained, the victim threw herself in front of her car. The victim was 33 years old. Reportedly, Monica Odagiu’s sister Ana Odagiu and her pattern were also in the car at that time. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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