Mollie Miles Death: Is Ken Miles Wife Dead Or Alive?

Is Mollie Mile alive or dead? Mollie Miles is a well-known motorsports personality. She represented America in motorsports as a racer. She has been on different international stages.

Mollie Miles

Mollie Miles’ Husband Ken Miles:

His husband, Ken Miles was a popular racer. He finished Le Mans in 1966. He achieved the titles for 24 hours of Daytona, and 12 hours of Sebring.

He died at a very young age. He was an engineer. Sources say that he passed away while testing Ford’s J-car.

Fans want to know more about his family. We are here with every detail about his wife and son below.

Mollie Miles’ Died Or Alive?

Mollie Miles’ is a private person. She did not prefer to be in the media, especially after her husband’s death.

Due to her disappearance, people wonder whether she is alive or not. Sources say that she is alive.

We don’t have much information about her current life. She is said to be alive and living in her nineties.

There are different rumors spread about her. Many believe that she is in her second marriage. While other says that she is still single

They both had a son, Peter. She lived in California after his husband’s death for a few years. Let us get into detail about Mollie’s career.

Mollie’s Career Life:

She is also a racer. She wrote for Roads and Tracks. After her husband’s death, people sent flowers and condolences.

She showed her gratitude and thanked everyone for their support. She says that this was the most difficult time of her life.

It is hard to overcome it. She settled somewhere else with her son. We don’t have enough knowledge about the situation.

Peter Miles And His Marriage:

Mollie Miles’ son is happily married to Patti Montgomery. She belongs to Somerset. They are living happily together and gave birth to a daughter, Jaime Miles.

Ken’s daughter, Jaime Miles has grown up. She has found her love. Sources say that she is married to Jeff Moore.

Her wedding took place on 26 January 2014. Her husband works at 760 KFMB Radio Station. He is a producer of radio shows and his channel.

Peter Miles’ Career:

Peter Miles is a chief. He had a good bond with his father. He is seventy-two years old. It was a difficult time for his mother and him.

He says that seeing his father dying in front of his eyes was the most tragic incident of his life. He was still a teenager at that time.


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