Who Was Mohit Agarwal And What Was His Cause Of Death? CA Sir Passed Away

People often take an interest in the net worth of famous people especially when their death news has arrived. As they want to know how their family will survive after their sudden passing and this thing always disturb them. This time as well many social media users are feeling sad and in a grief state ever since they learned the passing news of Mohit Agarwal. Although this person is not that much famous personality still he has managed to make his name in the education industry and that is why people are feeling sad after learning about his death news.

Mohit Agarwal

How did Mohit Agarwal die?

People are showing their interest in the details of his wife who are completely devastated by his passing. His wife is identified as Vandana Agarwal who is mourning the death of her husband. Mohit took his last breath at the age of 36 after suffering from a heart attack. After covid, this disease became the leading factor in death cases. Speaking about the working life of the late husband of Vandana, he was the founder of MEPL classes. Apart from it, he was a Chartered Accountant by profession. There is not much information has been out related to the personal life of Mohit.

Mohit Agarwal

Although he established his name very well in the education sector still not much information is out. After his demise, he left behind his wife and a daughter in a devastating state. It is yet not known how he met his wife and what she do for a living. The report states both were living together for a quite long time but the date of their wedding is not known. His wife is not a famous personality and that is why no such details are available at this moment but our sources are trying to get the details of it. Apart from it, many students of Mohit are confused after learning about his passing and trying to figure out whether it is true or fake.

Mohit Agarwal

As we mentioned above, Mohit was the founder of MEPL classes which are the topmost global provider of diverse education and training programs in India that provide the best CMA, CA, CS, and other highly competitive professional course classes in India. He was followed by thousands of social media users who are now shocked after learning about his death news. Many people are paying tribute to him through many social media platforms and somehow pointing out that he is no more. A Twitter account created this account by the user name of Chartered Studies shares the passing news of Mohit stating that he took his last breath in Pune on Saturday, 1st April 2023.

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