Mississippi Tornado Surveillance Video Footage: Drone captures deadly Mississippi Tornado Rolling Fork MS

Recently the northern part of India as well as Pakistan have felt the tremors of an earthquake. Before that, the earthquake brought heavy destruction in Turkey and now Mississippi has faced a natural disaster. It shows that one after another many parts of the country is encountering a natural disaster. Some natural disaster has brought a lot of controversies and claimed the lives of many people. This time as well, the powerful tornado in Mississippi caused widespread destruction and took the lives of many people. The report states that the incident occurred on Friday, 25th March 2023.

Mississippi Tornado Surveillance Video Footage

Mississippi Tornado Surveillance Footage

According to the reports, the tornado hit the town of Rolling Fork as well as the city of Amory which left behind much devastation and human loss. This incident had recorded on camera by many sources, including the footage taken by a drone. This footage provides a different perspective on the impact of tornados and people are searching for the viral video. The strong tornado strike in Amory, Mississippi had been captured on camera by a pupil at the local high school.

This video is now getting viral and views the tornado approaching the school with debris floating through the air and the sound of the heavy wind intensifying. Not only this, but the viral video also views the moment the tornado hit the school with the roof being lifted off and the debris spread in all directions. Fortunately, no student was found injured in this incident. Now the drone footage of the tornado that strike Rolling Fork, Mississippi has disclosed the entire extent of the destruction caused by the storm.

Mississippi Tornado Surveillance Video Footage

The viral footage views houses and buildings reduced the rubble. The debris was spreading here and there. The viral footage also views the power lines and trees that have been done by the strong tornado. The viral footage is showing that how much destruction natural disasters bring to the lives of the people who get affected by them. The reports state that the magnitude of the tornado was registered as Ef4 in Rolling Fork, Mississippi in which 8 people lost their lives and 25 are wounded and admitted to the hospitals.

Mississippi Tornado Surveillance Video Footage

The tornado also wounded 6 people but fortunately, no one lost their life. The footage is first posted on Twitter, and within a few seconds, it went viral on other platforms as well. The magnitude of a tornado in Amory was lodged as EF2. The details of the victims are not out and their health status is also under the cover. We are hoping to find more details of this case and soon shared them with our readers.

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