Missing: What happened To Keano Byrne? Body Found In Water, Death Reason unknown, say police

Keano Byrne, a 27-year-old man, the missing case has been under investigation. Information regarding this case will be discussed in this article. On March 27, Keano Byrne has been reported missing, and GMP immediately launched an investigation regarding the case. The police department, GMP, arrested two men, ages 30 and 26, as part of a murder investigation relating to the disappearance of Keano Byrne, a person belonging to Gorton. Today, however, Gmp announced that the 30-year-old has got released on bail and the 26-year-old had got cleared of involvement in the case.

Keano Byrne

How did Keano Byrne die?

In March, Keano Byrne’s report has been filed. On March 26, he was last seen with another man walking towards Reddish Vale at Northumberland Road in Bennington. After that, no CCTV footage has been found related to his missing but on April 7, 2023, Keano Byrne’s body got found in a river in Stockport.┬áThe search has been made by specialist search teams, Tactical Aid Unit Officers, and divers. Still, the investigation is taking place, and the postpartum report has not been shared with the public yet. So, the reason behind his death is still unknown.

Keano Byrne

It was sad for Byrne’s family to receive his body in that condition, as everyone in the family was waiting for him to return safely home. The head of the investigation team, Detective Chief Inspector Liz Hopkinson, said that “Clearly, this is still a sad time for Keano’s family, and they are determined to find out the reason behind his death and to give Keano Byrne’s loved ones the answers they are seeking”.

Keano Byrne

The investigation team has been taking help from every source to find out what happened to Keano Byrne, and the investigation might take some time before they conclude everything. Around Friday, the investigation team found the body at around 12. They spent a whole day trying to find the reason which leads to Keano Byrne’s death. There were no clues found by the team.

Keano Byrne’s Death Case Gone Viral:

All over the social media platforms, Keano Byrne’s missing news got spread. Many people shared the news online. after his body was discovered on Friday. The authorities have not confirmed yet the reason behind Keano Byrne’s death. The police department requested that anyone with information regarding the case should assist and contact them. We wish Keano Byrne, prayers, and love.

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