Miss Thailand Attends Miss Universe Dress Made From Garbage, People Say – You Nailed It

Miss Universe Thailand: Miss Thailand’s dress brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Anna Bala looked beautiful in a glittering dress made from tin can tabs picked up from the garbage.

Miss Thailand won hearts with a gorgeous dress made from garbage

Image credit source: Instagram/@missuniverse.in.th

Miss Universe 2023: During an event of Miss Universe 2023 Miss Thailand 2022 Anna Suengum (Anna SuenggamShe walked the ramp wearing such a dress, which shocked everyone. In fact, her dress, bright as a diamond, was not decorated with silk, gold or silver wire, but her dress was made from the taut tabs of cans collected from the garbage. Miss Thailand’s look is making headlines on social media.

Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw Miss Thailand’s dress. Anna Bala looked beautiful in a gorgeous dress made from tin can tabs. However, the middle of the pull tab was also studded with Swarovski diamonds, which added to the charm of the dress. Some even call Miss Thailand the ‘Garbage Beauty Queen’ after seeing this dress made of recycled garbage. However, these matters no longer matter to Anna.

Here is a video of Miss Thailand made from a cane pull tab

Please say that Anna’s father is a rag picker, and mother cleans the streets and runs the household. Regarding people’s comments, Anna says that instead of thinking about how you were born in the house, focus on the power you have to change your destiny. Anna may have participated in the ‘National Costume Round’ of the Miss Universe event.

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Notably, the Miss Universe 2023 beauty pageant will be held this time in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, where the winner will be crowned by the current Miss Universe India, Harnaj Sandhu. Divita Rai is among the 86 women representing India at the 71st Miss Universe event.


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