How did Michoel Schnitzler die? Tributes pour in as legendary Jewish singer passed away

Those people who are quite active on social media platforms have surely read the passing news of Michoel Schnitzler. They are quite depressed as well as keen to know the reason for his passing whereas some are thinking this news is fake and want to know the reality of it. Apart from it, this death news has brought a lot of limelight as the deceased was a well know legendary Jewish singer and his fans are in shock at his passing. They want to know the reason for his death as well as look to know if is it true. Sadly, this news is true and he is actually not between us and leave the world at the age of 62. The report states that he took his last breath on Friday, 14th April 2023.

Michoel Schnitzler

Michoel Schnitzler Death Cause

The cause of his death is identified as a heart attack. His sudden death news has sent a shockwave throughout the globe. The report states that his passing news is so sudden as he was coming back from spending Pesach in Eretz Yisroel at Airmont when he suffered a cardiac arrest. The report states that Hatzoloh of Rockland County instantly rushed towards him and they tried to save his life by performing CPR. However, he sadly died shortly prior to Shabbos. The reports state, the late singer had a heart condition for a quite long time and has only ever been admitted to the hospital due to it.

Michoel Schnitzler

Many years back, there was also hearsay that the singer had died. Though Michael at the time debunked the news and states that “I am alive, not dead…Stop spreading fake news.” Due to that, this time as well many of his fans think this news was fake but later on, after watching many authorized news outlet cover this news, they get shocked and they started pouring their feelings on social media platforms. His fans are in deep shock and for them this news is no less than tragedy and that is why they are looking to know the details of his last rites.

Michoel Schnitzler Tributes pour in as the legendary Jewish singer passed away

Apart from it, the brothers of the late singer were also handed away after a cardiac arrest. R’ Sholom Schnitzler has died at the age of 65. Besides it, the reports are stating that his funeral was held on Sunday, 16th April 2023 at around 10:00 AM at Har Shulem Cemetery which is located at 44 Hillside Avenue, Airmont, NY 10952. His fans are remembering him for his powerful voice and one of his fans states that the late singer knows how to impress his fans with his voice and he puts just the right amount of feeling into every song he sings.

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