Is Michael Schumacher Dead or Alive? Formula 1 legend health update

F1 fans have been keen and eager to get an update on the health condition of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. It has been almost a decade since Michael Schumacher was involved in an accident that caused him to stay away from his passion and profession. In fact, Michael Schumacher has been quite secretive and private about his health condition. Thus his fans always remain curious to get an update on his health. Recently, a fellow F1 racer Eddie Jordan gave a hint on Michael Schumacher’s health. Eventually, netizens have been curious about it and started scrounging web articles to learn about it. In the following sections of this article, we have answered all the imperative questions regarding this story. So be sticky with this page and must read all the further given sections. Kindly drag down the page and take a look below.

Michael Schumacher

Is Michael Schumacher Dead or Alive?

Michael Schumacher is currently 54 years of age. In 2013, he suffered a ski accident that changed his life completely after it. Meanwhile, the F1 great has been private about the health issues he is facing. However, it has been well-documented that the ski accident left him in a come with brain trauma. Moreover, last year Jean Todt, former boss of Ferrari said Michael Schumacher was in the best situation he could be and his family members had surrounded him.

Michael Schumacher

Recently, Jordan gave an update about Michael Schumacher’s health. He said that Michael’s health condition had been hard on Mick Schumacher who also lost his seat in the 2023 Formula 1 season to Nico Hulkenberg. Jordan further added, “I have my own view that I don’t want to make public, but my guess is that Mick showed elating compassion and the way he spoke about his father when the season was not going particularly well for him, he’s been dropped for somebody else, and that’s a tough decision,”

Michael Schumacher

Michael’s close friend and fellow F1 driver, Jordan also asserted that he has one more fight to come back and make his name. “I’m quite sure he will do it. Maybe it was the right thing that happened, but it touched me because I felt so much about Michael, I went out of my way to find him, and give him his first chance in Spa, didn’t last very long but that love for him still lasts and will always do so while I’m able to draw breaths.”

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