Who Is Michael Clarke’s girlfriend Jade Yarbrough? Slapped amid cheating allegations

Former World Cup-winning captain of Cricket Australia, Michael Clark nowadays under the spotlight because of a feud with his girlfriend named Jade Yarbrough. Meanwhile, the former Australian captain has been embroiled in a controversy when his girlfriend accused him of cheating on her. Being a noted personality across the world, Michael Clark’s rough-and-tumble captivated the attention of the audience. They have been eager to explore this matter. As a result, the searches for Michael Clark’s girlfriend also increased. What went wrong between them which led to a public fracas? We have explained this hot burning incident in detail. Follow this column till the end. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Jade Yarbrough

Who Is Michael Clarke’s girlfriend Jade Yarbrough?

Reports are claiming that this incident dates back to January 10, 2023, when the former Australian captain was sitting with his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, and her brother named Karl Stefanovic. In addition, Karl Stefanovic’s partner was also with him. The four were having dinner when Jade Yarbrough lost her temper and started slapping Clark. Yes, it is true that the former Australian captain was slapped by his girlfriend during an altercation on January 10, 2023. It is also reported that Jade Yarbrough’s brother Karl Stefanovic also confronted the cricketer during the public fracas. Keep reading and fetching information.

Who Is Jade Yarbrough?

The bone of contention of this public quarrel between Michael Clark and Jade Yarbrough was his former girlfriend Pip Edwards. Jade accused Clark of contacting his girlfriend Pip Edwards and having intercourse with her on December 17. Jade screamed at Clark and slapped him on his face multiple times in a public place. Meanwhile, a video of this brawl also has gone viral on the internet. While yelling at former cricketer, Jade Yarbrough said “You fked her on December 17 … You fked her, you’re a f**king dog.”

Jade Yarbrough: Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Furthermore, Jade also challenged him to show Clark’s text messages to his ex-girlfriend. When Jade slapped him multiple times, Clark took a dig at Karl Stefanovic. He also said, “Karlos, I can tell you now ct, don’t you fing walk away. She can, she can punch me, but you, you c*t,”. During this incident, Michael Clark also sustained an injury in his right leg. Later Michael took all the responsibility for his deeds. He said, “I’m absolutely gutted I’ve put people I hold in the highest regard in this position,” he told the publication. “My actions in the lead-up to this altercation were nothing short of shameful and regrettable. I am shattered that because of my actions, I’ve drawn women of class and integrity, and my mates, into this situation.”

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