Michael Brooks Found by Medium Psychic: Man Who Found Nicola Bulley’s Body Claims ‘Psychic Gift’ Led To Discovery

Michael Brooks was missing for a few days. Many search teams were sent to rescue him. No one was able to find him. A Medium Psychic found him near the river Ribble. People are curious to know about the incident in detail. Keep reading for more information. 

Michael Brooks

Where Was Michael Brooks?

Michael Brooks was missing from 14 January 2018. The news was going viral. Many locals along with the investigation team tried to find him. No one was able to find him. This medium psychic man found him near the river Ribble. He is often known for finding missing people. Michael’s family contacted him. He, along with Michael’s family started from the location where he was last seen. 

The psychic helped to find the direction. Michael was found in bad condition, but he was alive. His family was really happy after they found him. They were extremely thankful for his game. The search took a long time. He was stuck at the place for nearly 1 month. He was actually swept away by the river currents while he was fishing. He holds onto a log. He was there for days until he was found. 

Who Is The Psychic? 

The Psychic has some god-gifted abilities. People approach him to find the missing people. He had also found Nicola Bulley. People were worried a lot about him. He was not able to even walk from the location. Michael was said to be at the exact location for almost a month. 

It was a breathtaking incident. No one was expecting this. His family was grateful to find him back. Many sources say that he passed away as he survived. People said that he was a kindhearted person. He was fishing to prepare dinner. When he did not come back, his family was worried. They searched for him. He was not found, and he did not return that day. The family filled in a police report. They were not able to find him. They along with investigators and locals put in their efforts. 

When a psychic found Nicola Bulley, his parents came to know about him. They immediately contacted the psychic for his ability to find many missing people. His death is not confirmed yet. We still need to confirm from the sources about his death. We will update you as soon as we get to know. Keep reading for more details. We keep bringing such updates to our website. 

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