Who Is Melissa Crabtree? New Mexico Missing Update

Melissa Crabtree is said to be missing. What happened to her? Where she is? People are concerned and want to know more about the recent updates on her. You will get complete details about Melissa Crabtree missing in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Melissa Crabtree

Who Is Melissa Crabtree?

Melissa Crabtree is said to be missing for a long time Her brother reported to the police about her being missing. According to the Taos County sheriff, they are searching for her along the river sides and river bank. Nothing has been found near the Rio Grande Gorge.

Melissa Crabtree

However, as they moved towards the Rio Grande Bridge, her vehicle was standing there. A trained search team with a helicopter was deployed by the sheriff. She was not found inside the river. The list of missing is increasing pace. There was another Taos County missing woman case. Also, Holly White’s case s another incident in whose car was found on the same ridge but was not found ever. People are curious to know more about the latest updates on the case.

Melissa Crabtree

What Are The Latest Updates On The Case?

There have not been any recent updates yet. The last update about her case was made in February 2020. According to the updates, she was homeless and wants to have a home as a refugee. She was at Salvation Army Facility. Her car was found parked at Grande Gorge Bridge on 13th February. She was missing for two weeks after which her brother reported to police that he has last talked to her two weeks ago and had not been reachable since then.

Melissa Crabtree

She was not found in the river too. The search team was in the river to find her. No evidence has been found about her. She was also said to e having health problems. She was going through depression and Lyme disease. She was a songwriter, musician, and humble person. People around her appreciate her for her skills. She might have unfortunate faith. She was born in 1968. She celebrated her birthday every year on 1st December. She was 51 years old.

She is 5.7 feet tall. She weighs 150 pounds. She was having blonde hair and blue eyes. She was going through a lot of challenges. She was missing on 11th February 2020. She was said to be having suicidal thoughts and was going through depression. There can be chances that she may have committed suicide. However, there is no confirmation about the same yet.

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