Mauricio Garcia, Allen Shooting Suspect: 5 Facts You Need to Know

The whole team of PKBNews has been horrified and shifted into a state of disbelief after hearing about the shooting massacre at Allen Premium Outlets Mall in Allen, Texas. It is really concerning that gun violence in the country has increased to an extent. In addition, data shows that within a span of five months this year 202 mass shooting incidents have been registered by the authorities. In fact, the Allen Mall shooting incident took place within a week when an open fire happened at a medical facility in Atlanta. People are not feeling safe in their places due to the continuous surge of gun violence. Let’s talk about Allen Mall Shooting incident and learn who was the shooter and what was his motive behind it.

Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video

Mauricio Garcia, Allen Shooting Suspect

Needless to say, innumerable people have been scrounging the web and seeking details linked to this shooting spree that occurred in Allen, Texas. Reportedly, netizens are looking for the video of the shooting incident. We have followed multiple reports to collect confirmed details. You are asked to stick with this page and must go through the following sections of this column. Drag down the page.

Let’s start with the shooter. He was identified as Mauricio Garcia, a 33 years old man who was wearing tactical gear. Reportedly, Allen Police gunned down the shooter on Saturday night. Sources have claimed that the shooting spree occurred at around 3:30 pm in the afternoon on May 6, 2023. After killing the shooter and removing the threat of an active shooter inside the mall, the chief of Allen Fire named Jonathan Boyd said during the press conference that seven people were injured and eight were killed in the shooting incident. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Mauricio Garcia was gunned down by a police officer at the scene. Talking about the victim who died in the shooting incident, one victim was identified as Christian LaCour, he was a security guard. As mentioned above, netizens have been scrounging the web to watch the video of the shooting massacre, various clips of the incident has been making rounds around the web but all the video shows disturbing scenes including showing corpses of victims lying in a pile. As per the reports, a kid was killed by the shooter. Scroll down the page and unfold further details.

Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia: Allen Mall Shooter

Allen Shooter Mauricio Garcia 5 Facts You Need to Know

Dashcam video footage of the Allen Mall Shooting has gone viral on the internet, showing a gunman stepping out of a car parked outside the mall and starting shooting without wasting a second. He aimed at the people walking on the sidewalk. As a result of the open fire, over three dozen gunshots were heard. Witnesses claimed they saw multiple victims including some childer and a security guard of the mall lying on the surface. According to Medical City Healthcare, victims between the ages of 5 and 61 were treated there. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Christian LaCour
Christian LaCour: Allen, Texas, mall shooting victims

1. A Man Who Rushed to the Scene Described Discovering a Small Child Lying Under His Mother’s Body

2. Mauricio Garcia Videos Emerged of the Shooting Scene Mauricio Garcia Started Firing

3. Mauricio Garcia, belongs to Northeast Dallas With His Parents

4. Mauricio Garcia Had an Expired Security Guard License With Firearm Training

5. Mauricio Garcia May Have Had ‘White Supremacist’ or ‘Neo-Nazi’ Beliefs Due to a Patch

Chris DeBello said, “I keep hearing gun zealots say that all these shootings are happening in the Blue States. When did Texas become a Blue State? Did I miss an election? When the idea of alerting law enforcement when we learn that someone in our circle is angry and talking about lashing out those same gun zealots say, ‘Not my problem.’ A large part of what’s enabling and encouraging mass shooters is this deflection and denial.”

Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video

Reportedly, the shooter came in a silver sedan at the Dallas-area outlet mall on Saturday afternoon, killed 8, and injured 7 including three critically serious. The shooter was killed by a police officer but his identity has not been revealed. What was the motive of the shooter for killing people in an open fire? According to Washington Post, the shooter may have had white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs. Furthermore, it was also reported that the shooter, Garcia had multiple weapons on him and in his car. He was wearing a patch on his chest. Josh Campbell said Garcia had an extensive social media presence including posts related to neo-Nazi and white supremacists. Josh further added, “The shooter had an insignia on his clothing that read ‘RWDS,’ which police believe stands for Right Wing Death Squad.” Scroll down the page and read more details.

The dashcam footage of the video shows the shooter had a tattoo on his hand but Garcia had no history of criminal record. Boyd asserted, “Officers found seven deceased individuals on scene.” Nine people were transported to the hospital to area trauma facilities. Two of those people died, three are in critical surgery, and four are stable” According to the reports, the shooter was acting alone. During the press conference, Self said we will never know how many lives were saved by the swift actions of our first responders. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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