Maui Police Arrested By Military Conspiracy Claim TikTok Video

In recent news, it was reported that Maui police have been arrested by a military conspiracy that claims erupted in the wake of a viral TikTok video. You are required to read the article for more details and information. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Maui police

Maui police arrested by military conspiracy

Reportedly, as conspiracies about the Maui wildfires continue to take social media by storm, here’s a new claim that has come into being. A TikToker, named Peter Bent went viral after announcing that ex-special US military forces were arresting the local police. The person went viral across social networking sites after sharing the news. However, he claimed that Maui police were arrested by the ex-military elite special force members for a threat to the country. Furthermore, the TikToker went on to explain that a special force dominated the docks and local police members who were present at the scene.

Reportedly, they threatened the police by misbehaving with their rifles and asking them to put their guns down. Subsequently, following that, they arrested the local police. Moreover, he claimed that the ex-commanders told the local police that they were present in Maui to help and rescue the citizens. However, he ended the video by stating that the island looks worse than he have ever seen. He said that the people are going mad and are commencing a cause for revolution. Reportedly, the TikTok video went viral as military personnel helped Maui citizens to make their way back.

According to sources, many military members arrived on the island to help local police officers conduct search and recovery operations by securing the restricted sites providing help in donation distribution areas, and also providing support to survivors. It was reported that the local police official department was suffering from staffing shortages. The police department stated that there were less than 400 officers that were being arrested.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commander of the Joint Task Force includes military members and the National Guard announced that the majority of the people who are impacted are very appreciative of our soldiers. Moreover, the tragic Maui wildfires began on August 8 and spread across 2,170 acres. However, it killed over 100 people and destroyed more than 2000 active buildings. Moreover, many islanders and other people have lost their innocent homes since then without being guilty.

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