What Happened To Mary Quant? Health Update Before Her Death, Cause Explained

Mary Quant, a well-known British Fashion Designer passed away. People want to know the reason behind her death and her before-death health condition. You will get complete details about Mary Quant in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Mary Quant

Who Was Mary Quant?

Marry Quant had worked in the fashion industry as a fashion designer. She passed away recently. She has also been the one behind miniskirts and hotpants. She started getting attention for her forerunner of hotpants. She has founded a company under her name, Mary Quant. She has also a director in the company. She took retirement in 2000. As she passed away, people want to know more about her health conditions. What happened to her? What was the cause of her death?

Mary Quant

How did Mary Quant die?

Marry Quant was a fashion designer. She passed away on 13th April 2023. People want to know more about the reasons behind her death. We don’t have any news about her being diagnosed with any serious illness. There are no official media pages that have mentioned anything about her health condition. She was not said to be going through any illness. She was fine. The reason behind her death is not mentioned yet. Her family has mentioned that she died naturally around her family members on 13th April 2023. She was 93 years old at the time of her death.

Mary Quant

She might have died naturally due to her age as there is no fixed reason shared for her death. People are sending her condolences. Her fans are disheartened after the news. She has been receiving condolences from her loved ones. Ex-Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman, has also mentioned RIP Dame Mary Quant. She further says that She was a visionary and a great female entrepreneur. People also want to know more about her net worth. Let us have more details about her net worth.

Mary Quant’s Net Worth:

Marry Quant has a net worth of $22 million. She has worked with different artists and companies in the fashion industry. She has earned a lot of money in the industry. It has helped her grow a lot in her career. She started at a very small level and took her business to heights. She has also collaborated with big companies like Chanel and Dior. She received different awards like the Dress of the Year Award in 1963. This was all about Mary Quant and her health updates. She will always be remembered by her close ones.

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