How did Mark Pilgrim die? Veteran radio and TV presenter dead at 53

If you are a fan of Mark Pilgrim then this news will surely make you sad. With a heavy heart, we are sharing the demise news of this famous veteran radio and TV presenter who took his last breath at the age of 53. His death news is quite disappointing and that is why his fans are looking to know the cause of his sudden demise. People get shocked when they watched this news on social media and think this news is fake but later on media channels are also started covering it and then they get to know that this news is actually true. We know that it is tough to accept the passing of your favorite star but deep down we all know that everyone has to die one day.

Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim’s Death Cause

Now speaking about his passing, there are many people who are paying tribute to him as well as looking to know the nature of his demise. The reports state that the cause of the veteran radio presenter was identified as lung cancer. He was fighting this lethal disease and was battling with stage 4. The reports state that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in the month of March last year, which he disclosed in June had spread to his femur which is the base of the spine and lymph nodes.

Mark Pilgrim

His passing news is officially confirmed by the managing director of HOT 102.7 FM. He shared the online statement that reads, “I am feeling extremely painful after hearing his sudden passing news, though we know that he was suffering from 4th stage cancer and it was tough to get recover but still we were hoping deep down for his fast recovery. However, Our brother and hero and much-loved radio personality Mark Pilgrim lost his fight with cancer in the morning of Sunday, 5th March 2023 at around 10:45 AM.”

Mark Pilgrim

He further added in his social media post that “Mark battled valiantly to the very end. He took his last breath at the home where his fiance Andrienne was present. Both were together till his last breath. His family is currently devasted by his passing but also thankful to every one whosoever supported him and became part of his voyage. Nobody can take his place and he will be highly missed by everyone. May God give rest to his soul.” There are many people who want to know the details of his last rites, however, we are not presently aware of it but hoping to get it soon. People can also watch his cancer journey through his Youtube channel.

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