WATCH: Man Set On Fire Birmingham Video mosque clips goes viral on Internet

This news has become a headline on the internet today. A man has been set on fire as he walked home from a mosque in Birmingham with counter-terrorism police involved in the investigation. This news is going viral all over the internet. This news has shattered the internet. Midlands Police say a man has been arrested on the charge of attempted murder after the victim was sprayed with an unknown thing, which cause his jacket to catch fire and burned his face. Now, people on the internet are very curious to know about this whole case. So we are going to tell you everything about this case. So, read the whole article.

Man Set On Fire Birmingham Video

Man Set On Fire Birmingham Video

This incident happened on Monday at Shenstone road in Edgbaston, at around 7 pm. Police are currently investing in this case. this same incident happen in London, where an 82-year-old man was set on fire outside a mosque. Police think that both cases are linked with each other. The victim was sprayed with an unknown substance, which cause his jacket to catch fire and burns to his face in Edgbaston. After that, the man was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. After this incident, a lot of people are very scared to go outside of their homes.

This is a very serious incident. Police said that they are checking all CCTV footage of the place where he was burned. The police officers are patrolling the local areas for the safety of the people and they are visiting local faith establishments to keep them informed. This is a horrific attack. The Association of British Muslims (AOBM) said that they are very shocked and they have urged anyone with information to come forward to the police. And they said that they send their support and prayers to the victim and his family.

Man Set On Fire Birmingham Video

Clir Thompson said in the interview that “A victim is a well-loved person. We all know him and his family, and this is very traumatized news. He further added that the victim’s family is very devastated right now. We will fight for him to get justice and attackers should be get arrested soon. We will continue to support them as a family. So this was all about this incident. Soon we will provide you with some more information about this incident till then we all should pray for him and his family. So, Stay tuned with us.

Man Set On Fire Birmingham Video

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