Maharashtra: Father was Congress candidate, son’s nomination filled, state president knows nothing

Elections will be held on January 30 for five constituencies for teachers and degree holders in the Maharashtra Legislative Council. BJP has not fielded a candidate from Nashik. The candidate who was nominated by the Congress, he did not fill the form!

Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole

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On Thursday (January 12), a startling incident in Maharashtra politics came to light. Congress and state presidents have lost ground. Nana Patole He had no idea about it. Actually January 30th Maharashtra Legislative Council Elections are to be held in 5 seats for teachers and degree holders. For this, Thursday was the last day for submission of nomination papers. Congress from Nashik Sudhir nominated Tambe. But he brought forward his son Satyajit Tambe while submitting the nomination application. The son submitted his nomination as an independent candidate.

That is, the approved candidate of the Congress did not submit the nomination. His son submitted his nomination as an independent candidate. That means Congress ticket is lost. After submitting the nomination, Satyajit Tambe said, I want to win this seat with everyone’s support. I will soon meet Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and BJP State President Chandrasekhar Bawankul to seek BJP’s support. There is another twist in the story. BJP has not nominated anyone from Nashik. Nominations close on Thursday. Suspense increased as BJP candidate from Nashik was not announced.

BJP has played, Congress is sitting now shame-shame, shame-shame

Now everyone remembers that a few days back in Ahmednagar Devendra Fadnavis said in the presence of veteran Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat that I have a complaint with you that how long will such a promising leader (about Sudhir Tambe’s son Satyajit Tambe) last? Did you put it out? Another interesting fact is that Satyajit Tambe, now standing as an independent candidate, is the nephew of Balasaheb Thorat, who is considered the most senior Congress leader. They did not know, which flower went to feed the nephew?

A lost dream, this is the answer of the Congress

Now when people are asking Congress what will Congress do now? Will disciplinary action be taken against Sudhir Tamb? Nana Patole is replying as a complete loser, why did Sudhir Tambe do this despite being an approved candidate? Why not fill out the AB form? So let’s see what can be done. Last time Congress leaders cross-voted during the Vidhan Parishad elections and Rajya Sabha elections. Even when the floor test of the Mahavikash Aghadi government was held in the Assembly, some Congress leaders were absent. When the BJP tricks, the Congress knows, well! So was this trick? Hi, how poor!

We will see if we want support, statement from BJP

Now BJP has started opening their cards. Nasik was not nominated at first. Now, when independent candidate Satyajit Tambe said that he would seek support from the BJP, state president Chandrasekhar Bawankule immediately said that if he sought support, he would consider it. Just as the Shinde group was rebelling against Thackeray’s leadership, the BJP said it had nothing to do with it. It is an internal matter of Shiv Sena. Later Shinde-BJP government was formed.

Nagpur also played! When BJP is not in picture NCP is in picture

Similarly, Nagpur also had an interesting game. Here the Congress did not field its candidate for the Thackeray group, made a great sacrifice and practiced the religion of being an ally of Mahavikash Aghadi. But four candidates of Mahavikash Aghadi stood against Thackeray group candidate. There are Congress rebels among them, but the BJP has not played a game. If BJP didn’t play the game then NCP played the game. NCP candidate stood here.

BJP here, NCP there is cutting the cream – Congress and Thackeray factions are cutting the cream

Until three-four years ago, Congress used to be like the big brother in Maharashtra politics. Before the formation of the Mahavikash Aghadi, when there was a Congress-NCP government, the Chief Minister was from the Congress. Congress won maximum number of seats. NCP was shrinking. Mahavikash Aghadi is the brainchild of Sharad Pawar. If seen, only NCPE is benefiting in Aghadi. Today Sharad Pawar brought NCP from nowhere.

Today, NCP has become the largest party after BJP in local body elections. Congress stands on edge. Shiv Sena is divided into two factions. Congress state president Nana Patole has been repeatedly saying that it is better for the Congress to go alone. But don’t know what strategy Sharad Pawar will adopt after going to Delhi as nothing works for the Congress state president in Maharashtra. In his press conference on Thursday Prakash Ambedkar, grandson of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, also said that he had conveyed to Uddhav Thackeray that Sharad Pawar would implicate him.

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The BJP-NCP fight between the Left, the Congress and the Thackeray group is only going up in flames

There are only two players left in Maharashtra politics today. If we look at the collapse of the Rajya Sabha, the Legislative Council and the largest Aghadi government, Fadnavis’s politics have repeatedly defeated Pawar’s politics. I mean today’s Bheem is constantly defeating Jarasandha, but it is also true that Pawar’s team is spoiling the cream that protects it from the rulers. In Maharashtra politics, the battle between the BJP and the NCP, the Left, the Congress and the Thackeray faction remains spectacular.


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