Madison Brooks Video Evidence Reddit Leaving Car, Bar, Cell Phone

We are sharing the news of the other viral video which is trending on social media. Most of you already watched this video but don’t know the entire matter and that is why you are here to know about it. The person who is getting viral with this video is Madison Brooks and people are searching for this person. Videos have the ability to make a common person a sensation overnight but it doesn’t mean that person get popular due to positive things sometimes negative things pulled more attention as compared to positive one.

Madison Brooks Video Evidence Reddit

Madison Brooks Video Evidence Reddit

Let’s find out what is in this viral video of Madison Brooks and why it is trending. According to the reports, Madison Brooks is a college student who hailed from Louisiana and she is in the news after her video was posted on Twitter. In the viral video, she was seen viewing leaving a bar and getting into a car with 2 men. However, those who have watched the video state that something bad has happened to her and people are talking about sexual assault and suffering blaming. This video is the CCTV footage of the outside of the bar located in Baton Rouge which is in Louisiana.

The viral video views Madison Brooks who comes up to be drunk and she was stumbling. She was intoxicated and walks towards her car. Suddenly, 2 men came there and rode her into the back seat. In the video, Brooks can be heard stating that “I am sorry, I will book an Uber” prior to getting into the vehicle. Now, this has sparked outrage on social media and people are talking about the physical and sexual harassment that happened to her. What exactly has happened is not known at this moment as the car was driven away.

Madison Brooks Video Evidence Reddit

Though later on Madison lodged a complaint against the men and stated that she is the victim of r@pe and both men assaulted her in the car. The police lodged the case and understanding the seriousness of it and detained both men who are currently facing the charges of r@pe. Apart from CCTV footage, the police also recovered one more video which is recorded on the phone. The 2nd video of this case also went viral viewing Madison on her cell phone. This video has recorded the moment after the claimed assault in which the victim can be heard talking to someone about what occurred, stating that she “blacked out” and due to that 2 men assaulted her and r@ped her. Police are still investigating the matter and trying to recover more proof of it.

Madison Brooks Video Evidence Reddit

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