Lul Pab Shooting Case Update: Shot to death over parking spot

After sharing many details of missing cases now it is time to talk about the shooting incident. According to the reports, this incident is covering the headlines of the newspaper and people are searching for the “Lul Pab Shooting Case”. This shooting incident happened over the parking spot which shows that people are losing their temper so easily that they are committing suicide. But this is not the only reason which made the headlines of the news, the reason for people showing their interest in this news due to a rapper.

Lul Pab

Lul Pab Shooting Case Update

As per the reports, the deceased who lost his life was close to a rapper. The rapper is identified as Quando Rondo who has finally broken his silence after the tragic shooting incident that asserted the life of his friend. The deceased is identified as Lul Pab and people are showing their sadness towards his demise. According to the reports, the incident happened on 19th August at a gas station close to the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, where Pab was shot while pumping gas. After committing the crime, the suspects run away from the scene in the white sedan leaving the 23-year-old Rondo severely wounded.

Lul Pab

Whilst rushed to the closeby hospital, Pab succumbed to his wounds and lost his life. The video of the incident was posted online which is marking rounds all over the web and once again brought this news into the limelight. In the viral video, Rondo can be watched and heard mourning loudly as the lifeless body of a friend is removed from their black Cadillac Escalade. After the incident, Rondo took time to process this tragedy and later paid tribute to Lul Pab through social media accounts. The rapper shared posts in his memory on the 21st of August.

Lul Pab

Atlanta rapper is mourning the loss of his pal, Lul Pab who was tragically shot and assassinated at the time of an ambush in Los Angeles. He took social media account on 21st August in order to express his sorrow, sharing the timeline post featuring an old picture of the 2 with the caption titled “My Cuz”. He also posted 2 Instagram stories dedicated to Pab, one viewing the picture of them with 2Pac’s “Life Goes On” playing in the background and the other featuring them alongside Future’s “The Way Things Going” from his new album. Rondo was with Pab at the gas station in the Beverly Grove neighborhood when 3 suspects approached them from an alley and opened fire.

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