Lucinda Daniels Obituary: Woman Dies After Watching Teen Son Break His Leg In Football Match

The most shocking case is here. Everybody is emotional after listening to this case. A mother from California named Lucinda Daniels is in a tough scene right now. She is currently battling for her life. She is suffering from left brain dead It happened after she suffered an aneurysm. This case occurred after she attended her son’s football game. Currently, she is in a very bad face. And his son was injured from his leg at that time. At that time she faced an aneurysm she and her husband immediately called the ambulance and she attended to their children as they suddenly rushed to paramedics. Read the entire article to know everything.

Lucinda Daniels Obituary

Lucinda Daniels immediately rushed to the hospital when she arrived at the hospital so after the treatment the doctors stated that she had faced an aneurysm. It is a bulging blood vessel that might burst and it cause a stroke that leaves a brain dead. The age of the mother is 44 years old. After she faced an aneurysm her brain didn’t work any activity. The doctors said that Daniels may not have survived more in this world. Because of that, she is surviving in this world. badly. Scroll down to know more.


According to the source, The family of Lucinda Daniels raised a GoFundMe page so they could get some help to clear all the bills. The family needs some help to fulfill all the medical expenses. This is a very tough time for them as currently, they are living in a very hard time. Till now the fundraiser has collected a total of more than $120,000 in just two days. Till now more than 1,000 people have donated to help the family of Daniels. We request you to donate some money so that the family can get some help. It will be a thing for them as their all bills get clear. Keep reading this article till the end.

Till now Lucinda Daniels is in the hospital. The friends and family of Daniels are requesting people to donate some amount of their income so the family can get help. One of her friends wrote, Whoever knows Daniels clearly knows that she has one of the biggest hearts ever we all have seen. She had a great spirit. She is an organ donor. We might lose Daniels, but we hope that some of you donate some amount of money. It will be a big gift for them. Because of your donation, she might have lived her life.

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