Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU: Review, Cast, Watch Online Details

Ullu is a trending platform for watching all kinds of bold and erotic content. The platform is made in India. Ullu has brought you a new series known as Love Guru. Season one has ended well. The next season is on its way to release soon. Fans are waiting for the next release. If you are also one of them, Keep reading the article for more details. 

Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU

Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU

Love Guru is all set with season 2. The main lead for this season will be Rajsi Verma. The series will be full of romance, drama, and fantasy.  

Viewers’ excitement is on the next level. Everyone is eager for the next release. The app has changed everything about the OTT platforms. People are giving a lot of attention to the Ullu app. 

It is among the top Indian OTT platforms. India is proud to have their own OTT platforms. This will lead to a revolution in the entertainment industry. 

If you download this OTT platform, you will get two new series every week. The series follows a diverse range of where different people’s needs can be met. 

The cast is selected very well. It will surely make the series super-hit. The chances are high. The entertainment level is going to be higher this time.  

The content of the platform is high quality. People like to watch more such content. The thing of interest is the release date of the next season. When will season 2 be released? 

Let us have more details about the Love Guru Season 2 story. 

Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU

Ullu Series Love Guru Season 2 Storyline

The story portrays Rohan who is in a relationship with a girl. The story is full of twists. Rohan meets with his girlfriend’s mother. She takes him to her mother genuinely.  

She was not expecting what happened. Her mother and Rohan became close to each other. Something unexpected happens between them.  

What will happen next in the story? Will she end the relationship? Will they both come closer? The misunderstanding will be going to be on an extreme level. 

It will be interesting to see where the story takes its direction. For the rest of the story, you will need to watch the story. Else, it will be a spoiler. 

Fans are excited to start the series. Let us discuss the release date and time of the upcoming season. Keep reading for more details. 

Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU

What Are the Release Date and Time of Ullu Love Guru Season 2? 

The wait is over. We are here with the release date and time of Love Guru Season 2. The new season will be released on 21 February 2023 only on the Ullu app.  

The app is available on android and apple. You can use it on windows and Mac also. The episodes will be of short duration. Each episode will be 15-30 minutes.  

The languages in which you can watch the episodes are Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kanada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil.  

Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU

The timing for the release is not confirmed yet. You can visit the site in the afternoon. Tuesday will be a special day for the Love Guru fans.  

People are preparing to finish their work early so that they can enjoy the episodes in the evening. It is expected that two episodes might be released on the same day.  

There is no confirmation whether two or one episodes will be released. Let us have a look at the cast of season 2. 

Who Are The Cast of Love Guru Season 2? 

Rajsi Verma is playing the role of the girlfriend’s mother. She will be seen doing some intense scenes with a character known as Rohan. 

The rest of the cast is still unknown. We will update you as soon as we get to know about it. Rajsi Verma’s few pictures from the upcoming season are spreading over the internet. 

Let us discuss how you can watch the season. Keep reading for more details. 

Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU

Steps To Watch Love Guru Season 2: 

Love Guu Season 2 is only available on the Ullu app. It is an OTT platform made in India. The app is going trending on the internet. 

If you want to watch it on a smartphone, you can download the app from Android’s Play Store or Apple’s Apple Store. 

The series is not available for free. You need to choose a subscription according to your budget. It is available in all subscription plans of the Ullu app. 

You can also directly open the website on your laptop and subscribe to have the best quality experience. 

After the subscription, you can connect your smartphone or your laptop directly to the smart tv and enjoy the season on the big screens.  

The season will have a lot of twists. It will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Stay tuned for more details about your favorite celebrities and shows. We keep bringing such content to our website. 

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