Love And Death: What Happened To Candy Montgomery? Accused Murderer At The Center

There are many murder cases that put us in the thought that how something sad or brutal can happen to anyone How does someone go to that extent where they take no time to kill someone? In most of the cases, the culprit was found as a close person to the victim. Now you all must be thinking why we are saying such things the reason is that murder is presently trending on social media and people want to know the depth of the case as it relates to interesting facts. Netizens want to know about the passing of Candy Montgomery.

Candy Montgomery

What Happened To Candy Montgomery?

She was a devoted and selfless lady stirred in her Dallas neighborhood on Friday, 13th June 1980, when she was arrested for killing her pal Betty Gore with 41 blows from an axe. She brutally killed her friend but in court, she asserted that she killed her out of self-defense. The case was in court and people want to know the final verdict of the judge. This murder happened in 1980 but is now again in the news right? So the reason is that the case has been telecasted on the OTT platform. The title of the show is “Love & Death” which is a 5-episode limited series.


Candy Montgomery

The role of Candy is played by Jessica Biel. This show fits into the category of true crime which will debut on Thursday, 27th April 2023. The lead character in this show is Elizabeth Olsen. The teaser of the show was already released that on 21st August 2022 since then it has developed the interest of the people. Olsen will be seen playing the role of a disgruntled housewife at the center of the distributing real-life murder probe. Finally, the trailer of the series was also out on 23rd March 2023 which is trending on social media.

Candy Montgomery

What Is “Love And Death: Candy Montgomery”?

Whenever any news show telecasted then it’s automatically brought memories of the murder which was closed many years back. According to the reports, on 13th June 1980 in Wylie, Texas was charged with killing Betty Gore one of the close friends of the deceased. It is quite tough to accept the fact that a best friend killed her best friend. When Betty confronted Montgomery about her adulterous relationship with Allan Gore, she had just been by the family of Gore in order to collect the swimsuit for their daughter. The report states that after a struggle, Montgomery reportedly used the 3-feet long axe to get 42 times. Allen was on his business trip when he got to know about the murder.

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