Lies Hidden In My Garden Novel, ending explained

The launch of the upcoming suspense drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is eagerly anticipated by audiences. The thrilling new thriller “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is about two ladies who live quite different lifestyles and is based on the best-selling book of the same name. In contrast, a strange smell in one of their backyards ends up drawing the two together in unexpected ways. With Kim Tae Hee, Lim Ji Yeon, Kim Sung Oh, and Choi Jae Rim in the leading roles, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” has drawn a lot of interest as the latest film from “Twenty Five, Twenty-One” director Jung Ji Hyun.

Lies Hidden In My Garden Novel end

Lies Hidden In My Garden Novel

The drama has revealed four things viewers may expect from it before its premiere. The intriguing sentence from “Lies Hidden in My Garden,” “The backyard smells like a dead body,” piques interest. As Joo Ran (Kim Tae Hee) grows incredibly uneasy, the audience is kept in suspense by the odd smell coming from the rear of a lovely house. She eventually loses faith in her family and even in herself as a result. In addition, the cases include the intertwining of the families of Joo Ran and Sang Eun (Lim Ji Yeon), who are on opposing ends of the spectrum.

Lies Hidden In My Garden Novel

Kim Tae Hee’s first thriller since her debut and Lim Ji Yeon’s first after appearing in the popular drama “The Glory” are both “Lies Hidden in My Garden.” Joo Ran, who has a picture-perfect life in a lovely home until she is startled by the smell of a dead body in her backyard, will be played by Kim Tae Hee, who has already made a name for herself as an actress in a range of genres. Lim Ji Yeon, who dominated the first part of 2023 with her dramatic villainous performance in “The Glory,” comes back with a very different role in Sang Eun, a victim of domestic abuse. With her unpolished acting, she captures the unsettling emptiness of Sang Eun’s life and exudes an intimidating vibe in each moment. Finally, Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon play characters that are completely at odds with one another, resulting in an exceptional symbiosis between the superb ensemble and stark difference.

Lies Hidden In My Garden Novel ending

Kim Sung Oh and Choi Jae Rim’s outstanding performances are also something viewers should anticipate. The character Jae Ho, played by Kim Sung Oh, is played by a meticulous doctor who heads a children’s hospital. This character’s dualities will lead to a lot of turmoil in the drama. Yoon Bum, played by Choi Jae Rim, is a cruel pharmaceutical salesman who abuses his wife and uses blackmail to get money. He is married to Sang Eun. The mystery involving Kim Sung Oh and Choi Jae Rim in particular, who play significant roles in upsetting the lives of Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon and their respective families, will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It will be interesting for viewers to compare the two unreliable husbands.

Additionally, viewers should be prepared for the overpowering mise-en-scène created by filmmaker Jung Ji Hyun, who is renowned for his sensual cinematography. Director Jung Ji Hyun makes a comeback in 2019 with “Search: WWW,” his first thriller since the blockbuster “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.” It is anticipated that Jung Ji Hyun will once again display his actual brilliance in “Lies Hidden in My Garden” since the suspense thriller genre would best showcase the director’s distinct directorial style. From 19 June 2023 at 10:00 p.m. KST, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” will debut, and Viki will have subtitles accessible.

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