No, Les Gold is Not Dead: American Pawnbroker Fake Death Hoax

It is common for famous celebrities to be in the news and most of the time they trend due to rumors. Mostly their death rumors or affair rumors remain in the news and this time as well a famous celebrity is pulling the attention due to his death rumors which makes people keen to know more about it. Whenever any fans hear the death news of their favorite celebrities they instantly came into trauma and start looking to know the reality of it. Yes, you are right we are talking about the death news of Les Gold and his fans are wondering whether this news is true or not. The hearsay of hardcore pawnbroker star demise is trending on the web.

Les Gold

Who Is Les Gold?

Many people already know about him as he is a famous businessman and television personality who is popularly famous for his role in the reality show titled “Hardcore Pawn”. He is the owner of American Jewelry and Loan which is a pawn shop located in Detroit, Michigan. He has been in the business of pawnbroking for more than 4 decades and since then he has become a famous and well-respected figure in this industry. Gold is famous for his intimidating negotiation skills and ability to assess the value of various items.

Les Gold

However, this time he is in the news not because of his working profile or business but due to his death rumors. Many unauthorized websites are claiming that Gold is no more between us and left the world in a mourning state. The death hoax of Gold is trending in the news but fortunately, this news is found fake and debunked by many authorized websites. Recently, the death hoax of Les Gold has been circulating on social media which causes concern among admirers of the reality TV star and pawnbroker. Though these hearsay have been debunked, asserting that Les Gold is still alive.

Les Gold

The false news of the demise of Les Gold was likely spread by internet trolls or pranksters who enjoy causing confusion and panic as well. It is not so new to hear of the death hoax of Les Gold and many celebrities and public figures often became the prey of such news and he is not the first one who became the subject of such hearsay. In the spite of his death hoax of him, he remains a famous personality in the pawnbroking industry and a famous TV personality. He earned a lot of money from this business and often inspire many other people.

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