Who Is Learose Cheng? Woman accused of stabbing man to death

In recent news, it was reported that a woman was accused of allegedly stabbing a man to death with a kitchen knife. Shockingly, the woman told the cops that she is a nice girl. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Learose Cheng

Who Is Learose Cheng?

In a recent turn of events, it was reported that a woman named Learose Cheng, 27, allegedly knifed Dylan Bacon, 39 eight times with a kitchen knife after an afternoon spent boozing in the pub. Moreover, the woman told the police officials that she is a nice girl. You must explore this further to know everything about the case via this article. Shockingly, when the police arrived, they followed a trail of blood to Cheng’s home in Liverpool where a stand-off ensued. However, it was revealed that in bodycam footage that was shown to jurors, the lady was heard screaming at the officers that if they want, they can shoot her. Furthermore, the woman added that she is going to die anyway as she was bleeding. Moreover, Cheng then continues to scream that she doesn’t give a damn about anything and wanted to be killed.

Learose Cheng

Eventually, when the police entered her home, Cheng claimed that she was stabbed in the leg by Dylan who then killed himself because he would never want to go to prison. Reportedly, the Liverpool Crown Court told that she was treated at the scene prior to being led away from her blood-covered home which was naked from the waist down. After the wound on her leg was treated, Cheng allegedly told the officers that she is a nice and decent girl. Moreover, she added that she has done nothing wrong. On March 14, the Jurors heard the horror that unfolded last year after Dylan had been drinking with Cheng at the Old Swan which is also known as the White House. However, the footage showed Cheng which made affectionate gestures toward Dylan and putting her arm around him before she was violently sick at the table.

Learose Cheng

It was believed that she left the pub only to meet up with Dylan later that night when he spotted her out of the window of another boozer. Later, the pair then continued on her to her home where he was murdered by Cheng in a alleged way. However, it was revealed that Dylan managed to stumble out of the apartment and was seen with one trainer on and blood dripping down his back. According to the postmortem reports, it was found that he had suffered eight wounds to his head and including two deep stab injuries on his chest and back. Currently, the trial is continued for further investigation.

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