WATCH: Landon Barker Fight Video Viral, Sparks Controversy Online

We hear about viral videos. Yes, this type of news came and made people shocked. Yes, Landon Barker’s name is trending on the web because of viral videos. This video is getting circulated on the web and gaining the attention of the people. People are searching for this news and trying to gain moreover details about the news. These kinds of viral videos are becoming common nowadays. People are hitting the search engine to gain all the details about the news. Who is Landon Barker? What happened to Landon Barker? Which type of video is going viral? Let’s continue the article.

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Landon Barker Fight Video Viral

According to the report, Landon Barker is a young musician and actor. Yes, he is known as an actor, who has good skills in acting. He was welcomed to the world on 9th Oct 2023. As per sources, London’s fight is trending again because several people are claiming that this is a publicity act for his new song, which is about to be released. A video has drawn people’s attention, where you can watch the fight between Landon and Joe Chavez, who is a TikToker. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

On the basis of the report,  A video came into the spotlight and this happening happened in August at an LA party. The actor also posted some contuse pictures of his face on Snapchat. Joe said he got the victory in the fight, which was very easy. People were trying to know about the reason behind this fight. Let us tell you, Joe said that the reason for this fight was Landon’s girlfriend, Charlie D’Amelio. We want to clear up one more thing the fight clip has been removed from all social media platforms after just a few hours of video circualation. Scroll down the page to learn more information about the news.

Furthermore, Landon came into the rumor that Landon was dating the model, Joise Canseco. However, rumors were cleared when he unfollowed her in May, and after this has made the announcement with Charlie, which shows that he didn’t want any confusion regarding his relationship. He is the son of famous Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler. We have shared all the details about the news, which we have fetched from other sources to make this article. If we get any further details we will tell you first at the first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.

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