WATCH: Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Explained, Case Update

A video is getting viral on social media and purposely pulling a lot of attention. Well, there is no doubt in stating that something serious scene has been captured in this video which is why it is spreading like wildfire on social media. It is not the first time a viral video to be in the news but every time it has left a deep impact on us. This time the video which is getting viral is “Kuaron Harvey”. The subject of this Twitter video started trending on the web after surprising and shocking disclosures on her shooting and death case. By now you surely have understood why this video is getting viral and what type of scene it has depicted in it.

Kuaron Harvey

Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Explained

The person who lost her life is Kuaron Harvey and a viral video is showing the shooting case of the teen girls. Netizens are shocked by this news and want to know each detail of it. The subject involves social media users as they looking to know facts regarding the live shooting case. According to the reports, Kuaron Harvey was one of the sufferers shot at Cupples Station Loft Apartments. Allegedly, 12-year-old, Paris Harvey accidentally shot and assassinated her cousin who is identified as 14-years-old, Kuaron Harvey, and later shot herself on social media during Live streaming.

Kuaron Harvey

The police got to know about the incident and they appeared at the crime scene and seized the weapon used for the crime. Both students and their families are in big trauma with it as they are not believing that Kuaron lost her life at the hand of her own cousin Paris. The probe reports state that the motive behind the lethal shooting was not personal in fact it happened by accident. Paris had no intention of killing her cousin. According to the reports, both were playing with the lethal weapon in their house.

Kuaron Harvey

People are quite furious and accusing their parents of keeping such lethal weapons within reach of the victims. People are criticizing them for not taking care of such things as their negligence became the reason for the death of their own family member. People are now paying tribute to the deceased and praying for the salvation of the soul. Police are still investigating the matter and what action they are planning is not known. The shocking turn of this case is that the suspect allegedly shot her cousin accidentally and then shot herself in regret. Both were dead on the spot and their families are in mourning state. It looks like a typical movie scene but it’s actually happened and the video of the crime is still existing online.

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