Kobe Bryant Death Photos of Body and Helicopter Crash: Family settles photo lawsuit for $28.5 million

It has been a couple of years since legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash but his death news still continues to make headlines on the internet. It seems that his fans have not overcome his tragic death news yet. Recently, some leaked pictures of Kobe Bryant from the helicopter accident scene surfaced on the internet and caused a stir over there. In fact, a controversy has been created on social media over the spread of Kobe Bryant’s leaked autopsy pictures. Regarding the same, there are innumerable questions are prevailing among people. Thus, they are scrounging web articles to learn about this happening in detail. Here we have come up with all the imperative aspects covered in the further given sections. Scroll down the page and take a look below for more details.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Death Photos of Body and Helicopter Crash

Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash that happened in January 2020 which left the entire world shocked and shattered. Moreover, Kobe Bryant was not alone in the accident, his daughter and some friends were also with him at that time, and they also lost their lives. Nobody thought the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter accident would take a dark turn when photos of him from the crash site were leaked on social media which was absolutely against the consent of Bryant’s wife and family. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Kobe Bryant

As a result of Kobe Bryant’s autopsy pictures leaked on the internet, Kobe Bryant’s wife filed a complaint against the responsible for the leak of autopsy images. Kobe Bryant’s leaked images disturbed his family and caused immense distress to them. According to the Bryant family, the leaked pictures and videos of Kobe Bryant were horrifying and gruesome as it depicts the scene of the crash with body parts and debris scattered everywhere. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Kobe Bryant

People who are possessing Kobe Bryant’s leaked autopsy pictures and videos from the crash sites are asked to not spread them as it is against his family’s consent. It is a criminal activity to spread someone’s picture without his consent. Kobe Bryant was a legend of basketball, who died in a helicopter crash. The photos were reportedly taken by first responders, and their circulation caused immense distress to Bryant’s family. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Kobe Bryant

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