Floyd Mayweather’s assistant Marikit Laurico passes away IN Kitchie Car Accident

This article has been drafted in the context of the death news of Kitchie who lost her life in a car accident. This case has again brought the attention of the world towards road accidents which shows that this issue has become the biggest problem in the whole world. Despite making many strict rules, such cases are not taking the name to stop and more cases have been added on daily basis. Now the sudden passing of Kitchie has left several in a shock and mourning state. The deceased was working as the personal assistant of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and she was known for her dedication and hard work.


Kitchie Car Accident

Her sudden death has left his family, colleagues, and loved ones in a mourning state. The full name of the deceased is Kitchie Mayweathers-PA Marikit Laurico famously known as Kitchie Kitch was the personal assistant of boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. The report states that this incident happened on Wednesday, 29th March 2023. At this moment, it is not known what was her age when she took her last breath. The cause of her death is identified as a car accident leaving several of her admirers and colleagues in shock. She was a vital part of the team of Floyd Mayweather. She was famous for her loyalty and hard work.

Floyd Mayweather Assistant Kitchie Accident

Apart from working as a personal assistant, she was also a fashion enthusiast and loved to travel. As per her social media posts, she loved to work and she was considered the best employee of her working team. Her family and pals explain her as a kind and caring person who was always ready to aid others. She was engaged in a car accident on Tuesday, 28th March 2023, on her way to pick up Floyd Mayweather from the airport. This incident happened in Las Vegas located in Nevada and resulted in the demise of Kitchie Kitch. The vehicle she was traveling in crashed into another vehicle, resulting in a lethal wound. The car accident that took the life of Kitchie Kitch also took the life of Andrei Sison who is a close pal of Floyd Mayweather.

The only survivor of the accident was identified as Josh Ford, who was also traveling in the same car. Ford suffered numerous wounds and is presently recuperating at his residence. He expressed his sadness over the demise of his pal and send his condolences to her family. The case has been lodged and the police are investigating the matter and trying to get more clues about this case. As per Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the cause of the accident was identified as overspeeding. During the investigation, it was found that the driver was in the condition of intoxicated and this is the reason for the lethal accident.

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