Kentucky Debra Stamper Obituary: What Happened To Kentucky Bankers Association General?

With a career spanning three decades, Debra Stamper earned recognition as one of Louisville Business First’s “20 People to Know in Banking.” When interviewed about her choice to embark on a career in banking, Stamper revealed that her journey was influenced by a fortuitous opportunity. A partner at the firm where she worked introduced her to the intricacies of banking law and related subjects, having served as external general counsel for a Louisville-based bank. This exposure led her down the path to becoming an in-house attorney and director of compliance for the same bank.

Kentucky Debra Stamper

Kentucky Debra Stamper Obituary

Following the retirement of Brooks Senn, the former general counsel, an opening for the role of general counsel at the Kentucky Bankers Association presented itself. Stamper decided to apply for the position. The CEO of KBA, Ballard Cassady, extended an offer contingent upon an agreement with the bank’s CEO. Recognizing the potential fit, Stamper embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, drawing from her wealth of experience. Debra Stamper’s presence was warmly regarded by her peers, and her transition to the role of general counsel at KBA was a natural progression. However, the news of her passing has now taken center stage. Ballard Cassady Jr., President and CEO of KBA, conveyed the somber news of Debra Stamper’s demise in an email sent on a Saturday. The void left by her passing is deeply felt within the Kentucky Bankers Association and the wider community she served.


The statement regarding Debra Stamper’s passing expressed that she had been an integral part of the KBA family for 27 years, offering invaluable legal counsel that earned the admiration of her colleagues. Her presence was akin to that of a family member, consistently dependable in times of need, as true family often is. Her absence will be deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing her, both personally and professionally, in ways that are difficult to fully comprehend. The statement also called for continued prayers for her and her grieving family.


According to information on her LinkedIn page, Stamper accomplished a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spalding University in 1983, followed by a Juris Doctor from the University of Louisville in 1990. Despite her notable contributions, no public obituary for Stamper had been released as of the time the article was published.

Louis Straub II, the Louisville market president for Independence Bank, praised Stamper as a respected professional colleague, highlighting her accessibility and dedication to the banking community. The tragic loss of Debra Stamper has brought profound sorrow to her family. As they navigate the immense pain of bidding farewell to their beloved Debra, their hearts are heavy with grief. During this challenging period, an outpouring of love, thoughts, and prayers from those who care deeply for the family is surrounding them. The community stands united in offering support during this trying time. Heartfelt sympathy is extended to Debra’s family, and a steadfast commitment of support is pledged to help them cope with their sorrow. May they draw strength and solace from shared memories, the love they cherished, and the enduring impact Debra had on their lives.

Losing someone as beloved as Debra leaves a pain that defies words, and in this time of profound sorrow, our hearts go out to her family. May they find the resilience and inner strength to navigate the challenging days that lie ahead. Debra’s presence was a beacon of unwavering support for her family. No matter the circumstances, they could always rely on her steadfast presence. Her willingness to step in and assist during times of trouble was a testament to her character. The trust they placed in her was unshakeable. The void left by Debra’s passing will be acutely felt, both personally and professionally, by all who had the privilege of knowing her. Her absence will ripple through our lives in ways that may take time to comprehend fully. As her departure reverberates through the lives of those closest to her, the impact will be immeasurable and deeply felt. The depth of emotions and the ways in which her absence will be felt are unfathomable.

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