Who are Kelly Khumalo Parents? Meet South African singer Mother Ntombi Khumalo And Father

This article revolves around the life of Kelly Khumalo, a multi-talented South African singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. Born in Vosloorus and raised in Nquthu, KwaZulu-Natal, Kelly Khumalo’s journey in the music industry began when she was discovered while performing at a gospel talent hunt. This led to her signing a record deal with Bonsai Entertainment, and in 2005, she released her debut studio album titled “T.K.O.” Following the release of her debut album, “T.K.O” in 2005, Kelly gained instant notoriety and was honored with the 2005 Afro Pop music industry award for Best Newcomer. On November 5, 2012, she released the album “The Past, The Present, The Future,” which garnered recognition, and she won the 19th South African Music Awards in May 2013. Her ninth album, titled “The Voice of Africa,” was released in 2020 and showcased a blend of R&B, gospel, and Afro-pop elements. The album was a commercial success, receiving a gold certification in South Africa. Stay with us to learn more about Kelly Khumalo’s personal life, including information about her parents and background.

Kelly Khumalo

Who are Kelly Khumalo Parents?

Kelly Khumalo’s parents have not been extensively featured in the public eye. Her mother’s name is Ntombi Khumalo, and she is the one who gave birth to Kelly Khumalo. However, the identity of Kelly’s father remains unknown. There have been reports of Kelly having a strained relationship with her mother and accusing her of withholding information about her biological father. Kelly Khumalo has a sister named Zandi Khumalo. The singer frequently finds herself in the media spotlight for various reasons unrelated to her music career. There have been publicized tensions and disagreements within her family, adding to the media’s interest in her personal life. Despite her musical talent, Kelly Khumalo’s family dynamics have become a subject of public curiosity.

Kelly Khumalo

The relationship between Kelly Khumalo and her family has become strained, and there are rumors that she expelled her mother, Ntombifuthi Khumalo, from her residence in Johannesburg. According to a source, Kelly’s family members have cut ties with her, and there have been disagreements between Kelly and her sister, Zandi. When Kelly and Zandi had an argument, Kelly expected her mother to take her side, but Ntombifuthi decided to remain neutral. This allegedly angered Kelly, leading her to demand that her mother stop speaking with Zandi. However, Ntombifuthi resisted, which further escalated the situation. As a result, Kelly is said to have verbally abused and insulted her mother in front of her own grandchildren. The family dynamics have become strained and tense due to these conflicts.

Kelly Khumalo

On October 26, 2014, a tragic event unfolded at Kelly Khumalo’s family home in Vosloorus, where her husband, Senzo Meyiwa, who was the captain of the South Africa men’s national football team and club team Orlando Pirates, was brutally murdered in her presence. The couple had a child together. Despite being aware of the shooter’s identity and the individuals present in the room during the incident, Kelly Khumalo has chosen not to reveal any information about them. In October 2020, five individuals were arrested and accused of involvement in Senzo Meyiwa’s murder. However, all the suspects denied any connection to the crime. During the investigation, it was discovered that Kelly had been in contact with one of the suspects through phone calls before and after the murder. The case has been a matter of ongoing investigation and has garnered significant public attention.

During the murder case of Senzo Meyiwa, shocking evidence surfaced in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. It was revealed that one of the individuals charged with killing Senzo Meyiwa had made two phone calls to singer Kelly Khumalo. Colonel Lambertus Steyn, the fourth witness for the prosecution, presented his examination of cellphone records from everyone present on October 26, 2014, the day of Meyiwa’s death. The new evidence has added a significant twist to the ongoing murder case, raising further questions about the incident and the potential involvement of those charged.

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