Who are Katie Leising parents? Meet Wisconsin Deputy Family

Recently the news about Katie Leising is going viral over the internet. The public is going through the internet to know about her and the reason behind her death. Everyone is searching for her over the internet. The public of Glenwood City, Wisconsin is worried about their safety when they get to know about Katie Leising. As everyone is going through the internet to know more about her, we have brought all the information about her in this article for our readers. keep reading the article to know more.

Katie Leising

Who are Katie Leising’s parents?

Former Pennington County Deputy Katie Leising was a top-notch law enforcement officer who moved to Wisconsin in 2022. Leising furthermore spent February 2020 to January 2022 employed for the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. She worked as a contract constable in Hill City for the final five months of her PCSO employment. Additionally, following her passing, Katie has been in the news online. She was shot, taken to the hospital, and eventually passed away. Following that, social media is flooded with tributes. People are curious to learn about her family life, which we’ve covered in great detail below, and her family is also grieving her passing.

Katie Leising

Katie Leising, a constable in Wisconsin, valued her relationships with her family and friends, and she enjoyed spending her free time with them. A young family is left behind by Leising. In the meantime, Courtney Leising, Katie’s cherished wife, who was still alive, was a married lady. Although their wedding date and other wedding-related information are undisclosed to the public, other sources indicate that it happened on October 7, 2017. Not to add that Katoie spent two years working for the South Dakotan Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. Katie later made the decision to go to Wisconsin with her wife Courtney.

Katie Leising

They had begun a family of their own and were leading happy lives. Syler, who is reported to be barely three months old, is said to have been reared by Katie and her partner. Her parents Kris and Roger Stevens are the only survivors of Katie Leising. The loss of their cherished daughter devastated them both, and Kate was close to both of them. Furthermore, Katie was reared alongside her adored sister Jordyn Stevens and was not only a kid of her parents. Regarding her early years, Katie attended Chadron High School and received her diploma there in 2012. She then attended Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, after that.

Katie Leising

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