Kathryn Bernardo vaping video controversy explained

At this time the most trending woman on the internet is the famous Filipino actress Kathryn Barnardo. She is known for her amazing acting skills and charm. Currently, she is troubled by a controversy. This ongoing controversy has been a big shock for her fans. She is facing a lot of defame right now this time is a rough patch in her life. Recently, in a video she has captured vaping. We all know what is happening right? She was seen doing vaping in a video that is currently circulating on the internet. This video was heavily shared on TikTok and it is still trending on the web. her fans are really shocked after watching this video. Because of this ongoing controversy, she recently made a very shocking comment which has stunned everyone. Because of her statement the people who were trolling her now they are completely silent. She said very simple words about this controversy. To learn everything about this trending controversy read the whole article till the end.

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo’s vaping video explained

Kathryn Bernardo was born on 26th March 1996 in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Phillipines. According to 2023, she is 27 years old right now. Her full name is Kathryn Chandria Manuel Barnardo. She is a popular figure in the Filipino entertainment industry. She is a well-known Filipino actress, endorser, model, philanthropist, recording artist, and entrepreneur. She is a multi-talented woman. Continue reading.

Kathryn Barnardo is married to Daniel Padilla. They tied the knot to each other on 25th May 2012. Since then they have been together, but there is no news of their child yet. Kathryn was born to her parents Teodore and Luzvimindra Bernardo. She also had three siblings which include two sisters whose names are Kaye and Chrysler. She also had one brother whose name was Kevin. We all have Kathryn in many famous Filpino movies. She is such a brilliant talent. Now read the next paragraph to know about her recent controversy.

Some days ago in a viral video, Kathryn Barnardo was seen vaping. This video was shared by many users on TikTok later this video went viral on Twitter (X). And because of this viral video, she was at the press conference on 23rd August 2023, Wednesday. In the press conference, one reporter asked her about his controversy so in reply she sweetly replied that it was her personal choice. She also added that she is very sad that there is a video about it because it disturbs her privacy. But it is now completely okay. She is happy that now people know that she vapes.

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