Kathryn Bernardo Affair and Break Up with Daniel Padilla viral video

Do you know who the most trending person on the internet is? So the most trending person on the internet is the popular Filipino actress Kathryn Bernardo. We know that you know you know about this that’s why you are here. Recently, she is one of the most trending people on the internet. her name is circulating on every social media platform. We know that she was going through a controversy in which she was in trouble because she was seen vaping in a viral video but she is also trending because of the breakup rumor with Daniel Padilla. This video is also going viral on social media. Her issues and affairs are currently trending. Come let us discover everything about this controversy in this article. So read this article till the end without missing anything.

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo Affair and Break Up

Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo was born on 26th March 1996. She is currently 27 years old as of 2023. She was born in Cabanantuan, Nueva Ecija, Phillipines. She is mostly known by her stage name Kathryn Bernardo. She is a famous Filipino actress who gained a lot of fame through her charm and elegance. She is an excellent actress who is loved by many people. She is one of the most talented actresses in the Filipino industry. She is not just an actress she is also a model, endorser, recording artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She started her acting career in her childhood. She has been seen in many famous series like Endless Love, Magkaribal, Mara Clara, and It Might Be You.

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Chansria is also a very good singer. She started her music journey in 2014. She has been under the label of Star Music since 2014. But she started her career in acting in 2003. She has done her studies from Flowerlane Montessori Children’s House in Cabanatuan and then she was transferred to OB Montessori Center in Quezon City. Now look at the next paragraph to know about her controversy.

For the past few days, a lot of people have Kathryn Bernardo on the trending list. Recently, she stated on her social media that she has got to know that where she belongs in the heart of Daniel Padilla. There are some rumors that Daniel is cheating on Kathryn. So till now, there is not no confirmation about this because now they are together. They have been with each other since 2012 and recently they celebrated their 10th anniversary. They also released an independent film.

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